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How many OPI polishes do you own and why?
I have 80 OPI polishes which I've been collecting over about 4 years. I bought my first OPI when I was in JFK airport on my way back from New York when I was 17. The polish was Romeo & Joliet which I've actually completely used up but don't have the heart to throw it away! I was hooked immediately and my collection has grown from there. I love the brush, the formulas, the colour range and the names.

I have probably only paid the full price for about 5 of those 80. The rest I've bought at a very cheap price or have received as gifts. The mini sets make the perfect gift if you're not sure what to get someone! The best places to buy cheaper OPI are Fragrance Direct, Ebay, Amazon and keep an eye out on ASOS as they usually reduce the collections after they're been out for a while. I bought a couple of polishes from the Skyfall collection for about £5 each.

opi nail polish tag 11
Gouda Gouda Two Shoes // Los Cabos Coral // DS Reserve // I Lily Love You // Meep Meep Meep // Overexposed In South Beach
opi nail polish tag 10
Chop-sticking To My Story // Y'all Come Back Ya Here // Big Hair ... Big Nails // Guy Meets Gal-veston // The Spy Who Loved Me // Die Another Day.
opi nail polish tag 9
Alpine Snow // Skull & Glossbones // Suzi Takes The Wheel // Suzi Takes The Wheel // French Quarter For Your Thoughts.
opi nail polish tag 8
Brand New Skates // My Private Jet // Romeo & Joliet // San Tan-tonio // A-Taupe The Space Needle.
opi nail polish tag 7
Fiercely Fiona // Who The Shrek Are You? // Uh Oh Roll Down The Window // Stranger Tides.
opi nail polish tag 6
On Her Majesty's Secret Service // I Have A Herring Problem // I Don't Give A Rotterdam // I Vant To Be A-Lone Star.
opi nail polish tag 5
I Juggle Men // Planks A Lot // Tomorrow Never Dies // Merry Midnight // Houston We Have A Purple.
opi nail polish tag 4
Absolutely Alice // Into The night // Last Friday Night // Just Spotted The Lizard // Live And Let Die.
opi nail polish tag 3
Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous // DS Coronation // The World Is Not Enough // Number One Nemesis // Designer De Better. 
opi nail polish tag 2
Shim-Merry Chic // DS Classic // Golden Eye // Holiday Glow // Warm And Fozzie.
opi nail polish tag 1
Princesses Rule! // Your Web Or Mine? // Meet Me On The Star Ferry // Don't Know Beets Me // DS Extravagance // The One That Got Away // Excuse Moi.
opi nail polish tag 13
The Spy Who Loved Me // Colour So Hot It Berns // Comet Loves Cupid // Wocka Wocka // All A-Bordeaux The Sled // Lincoln Park After Dark.
Which polish is the newest and why?
I ordered quite a few from the Lena White January sale as they were really cheap and I also had a 20% off discount code on top of that. It was "luxe20" if it still works! A few of them have been on my wish list for months and some just took my fancy when I was browsing the site. Sparrow Me The Drama is one I've wanted ever since the collection came out. I'm only one away from finally having the whole Pirates Of The Caribbean collection after deciding I suddenly wanted them all months after the collection was released.
opi nail polish tag 14
Do you own any Top Coats or Base Coats?
I don't at the moment. I have used and finished Rapid Dry which I thought was ok but haven't bought another bottle since. I've also tried one of the Nail Envy polishes and really didn't get on with it. For some reason I never think to buy any base or top coats from OPI even though it's my favourite brand for coloured polishes.

Which are your three favorite polishes and why?
DS Extravagence - A holographic pink which just looks amazing and I can never stop looking at my nails when I wear it.
Stranger Tides - A dirty light green which I wear a lot.
My Private Jet - Another holographic polish but this one is a grey brown.

Is there any polish you wanna buy next?
Steady As She Rose is next on my list to buy so I can complete the collection. I also want some more polishes from the Designer Series.

Do you miss any colors or finishes in OPIs range?
No. I think OPI is one of the only brands that offer a full range of colours and finishes. Whatever colour I want I know OPI will have. I would like them to bring out some more suede polishes though.

If you do this OPI tag then leave your link below so I can have a read and add a few more polishes to my never ending list ...


  1. I've really got in to OPI's recently and have a grand total of 13 minis, so nothing in comparison to you! x

  2. Ooooh this post is what I call pure heaven. I have a serious addiction to OPI polishes. I have way too many, I don't think I have 80 but I'm pretty close. I love Merry Midnight & Don't Know Beets Me, I've not seen those before. :-)

  3. Me again... luxe20 works, and I'm now awaiting some very cheap goodies - thanks Katy! x

    1. aaaah glad it still works! Seems like a never ending code, trying to avoid the site so I don't end up ordering some more haha :) xx

  4. So jealous of your collection! I absolutely adore OPI polishes, and started buying them last year. I've never paid full price for one yet, but their range of colours and finishes are just fab. I'm wearing Stranger Tides on my nails today, it's one of my favourites too.

  5. I love Skull & Glossbones !!

    Http:// xxx

  6. Enabler! I just bought 5 bottles and yes, the 20% still works! They'll be my first OPI purchases. It's about time I dunked my toe in the water, so to speak! xx

    Just me Leah

  7. You have quite the collection!
    I need to do this tag!

    - Andrea Marie xx

  8. So many lovely shades. You have quite a collection. I only own one. But after seeing this at. Want to own On her majesties secret service and I lily love you.

  9. WOW your OPI collection is just incredible, I'm beyond jealous! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  10. Your collection is amazing, I am so envious! So many of these shades I want to get my hands on :)

  11. I'm dying with envy right here. *swoon*

  12. Oh My Actual Goodness. That is a very impressive collection! And I though I had a lot of nail polishes. Favourites are definitely Warm and Fozzie, The World Is Not Enough, I Have A Herring Problem and Tomorrow Never Dies. Really really beautiful shades.
    I would do this tag but I actually am yet to own an OPI polish. Really need to change that!
    Zoe x

  13. Wow! I am quite jealous of you collection!!

    Adele-Marie xx

    Adele | One Girls Obsession With Makeup

  14. After seeing the pics I immediately checked Ebay for that pretty pretty Merry Midnight polish that I earlier knew nothing of. And, lucky me, I got myself the one and only one that was at this exact point on sale and alsoto be delivered to my country... It just looks so yammy! :D

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