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Thought I'd share a few bits I've picked up during the Christmas sales and before I set myself a 100 day spending ban. I just had to buy the large size of Lush Twilight as I've completely fallen in love with the scent but it's limited edition. I'm sure they'll bring it out again next year but in the mean time I've got 1 and a half bottles to ration. I also couldn't resist buying another bottle of Snow Fairy as I do every year. Also I've finally gotten round to dry Lemony Flutter which is a cuticle butter everyone raves about. I haven't tried it yet but it smells delicious.

Orly Polishield is another repurchase as I went through the mini sized bottle so quickly. It's quite a thick topcoat that dries very quickly and leaves your nails feeling like gel nails. I've heard a lot about CND Stickey which is a base coat so thought I'd give it a go. I've yet to find my favourite base coat so I have high hopes for this one. Lastly from Cult Beauty I couldn't resist trying the soy nail polish remover from Prit NYC. It's been on my wishlist for a while but it's very expensive. I had a £5 discount code so knocked a bit of the price off. As it's soy based it doesn't have the horrible chemical smell but it still works great at removing nail polish. I haven't tried taking a glitter polish off with it yet though.

With £10 worth of Jolie points and a discount code I manged to get this giant bottle of Taaj Micellar Water for just a couple of pounds. I'll be saving this for when my Bioderma runs out but am excited to see how it compares. I know some bloggers actually prefer this one.

I was also running low on all of my perfumes so treated myself to two of my favourites. I manged to get around a £10 discount on both Paco Rabanne Lady Million and Marc Jacobs Daisy from Feel Unique.


  1. I've been in about 4 different branches of Lush in hope to find some sale bargains but no goodies in sight! ...I keep leaving with full priced treats instead! lol

    Love Marc Jacobs Daisy too!

    Jen xx

    1. Luckily my store had a few bottles of shower gels left so managed to get Twilight. I also walked out with the cuticle butter which was full price haha I did manage to get a few bits online but still waiting for that to arrive. Lush sale products always go really quickly and this year was the first time I've actually bought some :) xx

  2. Great buys! The perfumes certainly look fancy in the gold packaging. Twilight is currently available in the small sale Lush have online, but I don't think it's a scent I would be a fan of x

  3. You got some great buys! Id love to try that Taaj water as everyone bangs on about it. Im yet to try bioderma too though!

    leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. xx

  4. Lemony Flutter is so nice, I adore the smell! I received Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' for Christmas and I'm surprised I actually really like it. I'll have to have a sniff of Lady Million :)

  5. the quality of your photographs are absolutely incredible! just found(and followed) as i was reading autumnleaves blog by rebecca! i have photo envy, haha! x

  6. I treated myself to a tiny bottle of Snow Fairy as I knew I wouldn't get to the Lush sale in time. It's the only shower gel that reminds me of Christmas! Lady Million is such a nice perfume, I haven't had my bottle long but i've used it so much!

  7. I really wish I had picked up some Twilight before they took it off of sale! xo

  8. I so wanted to get a bottle of Twilight but they'd all sold out! Lovely products that you picked up :) x

  9. I wanna try that nail varnish remover!


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