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Over the past year or so lip scrubs have become very popular but I've only just got round to trying one for the first time. I wasn't sure how much of a difference they actually made and if they were actually just a gimmick.  We do scrub our bodies and faces though so I guess why not our lips?

When I was last in Lush I picked up the Popcorn flavoured lip scrub to try out. I definitively made the wrong choice in flavours though as I cannot stand how this tastes. I love popcorn but if any of this gets onto my tongue I start to feel a bit queasy. Quite hard to avoid when you're applying this to your lips but I make sure I wash it off with plenty of water. This is purely personal preference though as my mum likes how it tastes.

As far as how effective this is, I'm actually very impressed. Even after the first time I used it my lips felt a lot smoother and all the dry patches on my lips had been buffed away. This is now part of my everyday skin care routine and I apply it after I've cleansed. I make sure I follow up with a good lip balm, Nuxe Reve De Miel is my usual choice, to make sure my lips do not dry out.

I'm going to try and work my way through this tub, making sure not to taste it, but I'll definitely be picking up a different flavour some time soon. You can buy Lush's lip scrubs in store or online for £5.25. Luckily for me, not to luckily for others, Popcorn was a limited edition Christmas scent but you can buy the bubblegum and mint julep versions all year round.


  1. Oh what a shame that it makes you feel queasy. I love popcorn so think I would have liked this xx

  2. I have the popcorn scrub and absolutely adore it! One of my favourite Lush products ever

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  3. :( That stinks that it tastes bad :(
    I bet the bubblegum tastes lovely though!!

    - Andrea Marie xx

  4. I really wish I'd picked this up last time I was in Lush! I used to have the bubblegum one! I need a new lip exfoliator!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  5. I know what you mean about the taste, I was sent a little sample with an order and I just can't get my head around the flavour, not sweet, kind of salty & a bit grim!

  6. Oh that's a shame about not liking the taste, I have the Bubblegum one and I really like it. :) x

  7. This is my absolute favourite lip scrub! it tastes so damn good!

  8. I have the bubblegum one and it tastes amazing!!

  9. I'm afraid due to public demand and outcry they decided to let popcorn stay forever in the range so you'll be seeing it again. ;) it was in lush newsletter. I personally LOVE this flavour!


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