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Clinique Lash Gift Set

Mascara is the one make-up item that I will not leave the house without wearing. I have extremely pale lashes which are practically invisible without mascara.  I already look a lot younger than I am but when I don't wear mascara I think I look even younger. Mascara is a must for me.

I'm always buying and trying new mascaras so this set from Clinique is perfect. I've only tried on of the mascaras included so it's a great way of trying others.

Bottom Last Mascara - This is my favourite out of the set and the one I was most excited to try. It's full size which is normally £11 so a good way to try it out. It has a tiny brush so it makes it incredibly easy to apply to your bottom lashes. I've even used it to define my top lashes and then applying another mascara on top. It's also very black and lengthens the lashes.

High Impact Mascara - This has the largest brush and reminds me of Benefit Bad Gal mascara. This is the mascara if you want volume, definition and le…

The OPI Tag

How many OPI polishes do you own and why?
I have 80 OPI polishes which I've been collecting over about 4 years. I bought my first OPI when I was in JFK airport on my way back from New York when I was 17. The polish was Romeo & Joliet which I've actually completely used up but don't have the heart to throw it away! I was hooked immediately and my collection has grown from there. I love the brush, the formulas, the colour range and the names.

I have probably only paid the full price for about 5 of those 80. The rest I've bought at a very cheap price or have received as gifts. The mini sets make the perfect gift if you're not sure what to get someone! The best places to buy cheaper OPI are Fragrance Direct, Ebay, Amazon and keep an eye out on ASOS as they usually reduce the collections after they're been out for a while. I bought a couple of polishes from the Skyfall collection for about £5 each.

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes // Los Cabos Coral // DS Reserve // I Lily…

Janaury 2013 Empties

I can't believe it's already the end of January! I've actually managed to use up quite a few products this month compared to Decembers blog post. I also went through my eye make-up products the other day and had a bit of a clear out.

Nspa Passion Fruit And Grapefruit Shower Gels - I really like Nspa as a brand, their products smell amazing and work well. These two are no exceptions and are a cheaper version of The Body Shop shower gels. Once I'm off my no buy then I'm sure I'll pick up some more of these. They're usually on offer for 2 for £4 in Asda.

Original Source Orange And Cinnamon Shower Gel - Original Source is another brand that does shower gel very well. I liked the scent of this one but I wouldn't buy it again.

Nspa Jojoba And White Jasmine Shower Gel - This is my favourite scent for body products and I've tried nearly everything from this line. I think this is my second tube and I'll definitely be buying a third at some point.

Soap And G…

Week In Photos 121, 122 & 123

New cross stitch // Bird decoration // Sorting out my nail polishes // Cat playing with boxes // Snow days // Icicles // Sick days in bed reading // New nail polish storage means organising by colour // Cat in a box // More snow!

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Elemis Duchess Of Spa Gift Set

The frangipani monoi body oil from Elemis has been on my to try list for a long time. I saw this gift set was on sale on ASOS for £30 reduced from £50 so I couldn't resist buying it.  The oil alone is over £30! As well as the body oil the gift set included a shower cream. a body wash and body scrub.

Franipani Monoi Body Oil - The oil solidifies in the tube then when you want to use it, you simply run it under hot water so it melts. You can either use it as a body oil, cuticle oil or even a treat for your hair. I've mainly been using it as a hair mask before washing my hair and I leave it on for 30 minutes. It leaves your hair feeling extremely soft and nourished.   Despite wanting to try this for a long time I'd never actually smelt it before. I don't hate the smell but I don't love it. It's a very strong floral scent. If it had the Tranquil scent then it would instantly become one of my favourite products. £31.50 for 100ml

Franipani Monoi Shower Cream- This has…

Clinique Lotta Colour Gift Set

Swatches: Super Strawberry // Oversized Orange // Curvy Candy // Richer Raisin // Chunky Cherry.
I'm a huge fan of tinted lip balms and I've wanted to try the Clinique Chubby Sticks ever since they launched so I ordered this gift set as soon as it was available. I'm a bit late with getting this post published though so it isn't available anymore. If they start selling this set again at the end of the year I'd really recommend buying one.

I use and really like all the colours with my favourite being Curvy Candy, a pretty everyday pink. They're all surprisingly pigmented and look more like a lipstick than lip balm. They feel great on the lips and are quite moisturising. I do still need a lip balm underneath if my lips are very dry. I really like the packaging and you don't have to mess around with a sharpener as the lip balm just twists up. I was expecting them to have a nice scent but they just smell a bit like a crayon which is a bit disappointing.

A full …

Homemade Vanilla Sugar Scrub

I've always been interested in making my own products, I think it stems from making my own soaps as a kid. Also making potions by mixing all the products in the bathroom cabinets, anyone else did this?

I don't know where to start with making my own products though so thought a homemade body scrub would be the easiest. This particular scrub only consists of 3 ingredients and is so easy to make.
450g golden granulated sugar
200ml olive oil
1tbsp Nielson-Massey vanilla extract* Mix it all up and pour into a cute jar and you've got an instant gift for some one. You can also switch up the scents by adding other extracts or essential oils. I'm thinking a bit of mint extract would work very well!

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Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

Over the past year or so lip scrubs have become very popular but I've only just got round to trying one for the first time. I wasn't sure how much of a difference they actually made and if they were actually just a gimmick.  We do scrub our bodies and faces though so I guess why not our lips?

When I was last in Lush I picked up the Popcorn flavoured lip scrub to try out. I definitively made the wrong choice in flavours though as I cannot stand how this tastes. I love popcorn but if any of this gets onto my tongue I start to feel a bit queasy. Quite hard to avoid when you're applying this to your lips but I make sure I wash it off with plenty of water. This is purely personal preference though as my mum likes how it tastes.

As far as how effective this is, I'm actually very impressed. Even after the first time I used it my lips felt a lot smoother and all the dry patches on my lips had been buffed away. This is now part of my everyday skin care routine and I apply it a…

This Works And So To Bed Gift Set

Since buying a few products from This Works and liking them I wanted to try a few of the Deep Sleep products. I have a hard time falling asleep so anything that could possibly help a tiny bit I'll give it a try. Feel Unique were selling the And So To Bed gift set for around £35 so I picked it up along with the Deep Sleep Stress Less.

Deep Sleep Bath Soak - Soothing Lavendar and Vertiver salts, add a spoonful to your bath and relax. I really like bath salts and actually haven't had some for a while. These smell amazing and although extremely strong in the tub, once in the bath the scent becomes very relaxing.

Sleep Balm - I've been enjoying using this balm on my cuticles before bed as not only does it smell good it's also moisturising. It would be easier to use though if the packaging was slightly different. Instead of a pot, a tube like lip balm would work better. I find I have to warm the product up a lot before I can get any out of the tub.

Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle -…