Soap & Glory The Best Of All

soap and glory the best of all 1 soap and glory the best of all 2
Clean On Me shower gel // Peaches And Clean cleanser // Smooth Star body milk // Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss // Heel Genius // Thick & Fast mascara // Hand Food // The Righteous Butter // Sugar Crush body scrub.

This was actually the first year I've bought the half price Soap & Glory gift set. Whenever I've gone to buy it previous years it's always been sold out so I ordered it as soon as I woke up last Friday. It's taken until today for it to arrive as I had it delivered to my local store as it was free.

I've tried and love four out of the nine products so thought it was a pretty good deal for only £27. There's probably no point in my saying this but if you see it in your store then definitely get it if it's still cheap!


  1. I bought last year's one and loved it :D I'm still using products from it too! I'm a tiny bit jealous that Peaches and Clean is in this year's set though :)

  2. This was such a great deal - I bought it last year & I loved it. I have only just finished using a couple of things.
    I have resisted it this year. But it would make a great gift.

  3. Pretty sure this is waiting under my Christmas tree :) xx

  4. my dad's bought me this for christmas, can't wait to get it!!!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog



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