18 December 2012

Joliebox December 2012

joliebox december 2012 1 joliebox december 2012 2 joliebox december 2012 3 joliebox december 2012 4 I had high expectations for this months Joliebox as last years was pretty good. This one just didn't live up to it and I was pretty disappointed.

Agua De Colonia Concentrada - This is apparently the oldest Spanish perfume with a blend of lemon, thyme, lavender, eucalyptus, geranium and rosemary. From the notes I would have said I'd like it as I love lavender but it's not for me. It's an ok scent but as a perfume if that makes any sense?!

Olay Regenerist Skin Cream - I haven't really gotten on with Olay products in the past so I'll be giving this to my mum to try out.

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder - I'll be using this bronze shade as an eyeshadow and it looks pretty. I don't tend to reach for loose shadows though as they're too messy.

I Love ... Cosmetics Lip Gloss - I'm not a lipgloss wearer at all! I particularly don't like ones with shimmer in so I wont be using this and will be going into a giveaway pile I'm putting together.

Colour Club Insta-this Nail Polish - For me this is the star product in the box as I'm a complete nail polish junkie. I'm so pleased I got this colour and not the rose gold that I could have gotten. This also reminds me of Nails Inc Baker Street which I haven't got round to buying yet. This is such a hard colour to photograph though!

Dr Duve Hand Cream - A brand I haven't heard of before but it's a shame they're only tiny sachets as you can't really try the product properly.

 And finally there was a little bonus of two bars of Lindt chocolate which didn't last long enough to be included in the photos!



  1. What's your opinion of the perfume?

  2. Erm shouldn't there be another product in there? Either the body milk or the pamplemousse? Seems like you are missing one :\

    1. Nope, that is all that is on my card which is why I'm pretty disappointed with it :) x

  3. I would definitely email / tweet them about it as every jolie december box i've seen has come with one more product than you have. I got 7 (the same as you and one extra). I can see why you are disappointed. Its not fair if they give people less products than others :(

  4. I love the colour of the nail polish you got in your box :D

  5. I received exactly the same as you and complained that the majority of other boxes had an additional full size or delux sized sample. As a result Joliebox gave me 75 Jolie points to use in the future with the 25 points I had for subscribing this gave me £10 to spend in their shop. It's worth a try, as the variations in the boxes don't seem fair.

    1. I emailed them and they've given me enough points to get £10 to spend as well, definitely prefer that than getting a moisturiser :) xx


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