31 December 2012

December 2012 Favourites

december 2012 favourites
Mac Syrup - I've only had Mac's Syrup for a month but it's quickly become one of my favourite lip sticks of all time. It's a perfect my lips but better shade and I love the formula.

Liz Earle Hand Repair* - A mini hand repair was in my Liz Earle Advent Calender and I fell in love with it again. It's really moisturising but doesn't leave your hands feel greasy. I also love the scent! I've been keeping the mini tube in my bag and the full size has been sitting on my bedside table.

Korres Guava Lip Butter - I added another lip butter to my collection, this was is guava which is a milky white colour and smells exactly like guava. It doesn't leave any colour on the lips though which makes it a great base for lip sticks. I can see myself finishing this really quickly at the rate I've been using it. Definitely my favourite day time lip balm at the moment.

L'Occitane Almond Hand Soap* - I've included a new wrapped soap in the photo as the one currently in my bathroom isn't looking its best as it's been used so much. It seriously makes the whole bathroom smell like almonds whenever you use which is really nice. It's also a really creamy soap that doesn't dry my hands out like some soaps can do.

L'Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate* - Carrying on with the almond theme I've been loving the milk concentate from L'Occitane. It's a very lightweight body moisturiser so doesn't irritate my eczema. I also love how the glass jar looks on my bedside table.


30 December 2012

Week In Photos 119

week in photos 119 9 week in photos 119 8 week in photos 119 7 week in photos 119 6 week in photos 119 5 week in photos 119 4 week in photos 119 3 week in photos 119 2 week in photos 119 1 Christmas presents // Cat's presents // What I got // Christmas pud // Lights // Festive jumpers // Painted tins // And nails // Writing a favourites post.


29 December 2012

December 2012 Empties

december 2012 empties
I've hardly finished any products this month! There's a few which are nearly finished but these three are the only one's that are completely empty.

Espa Energising Shower Gel* - This shower gel came in the Espa Glossybox and I really enjoyed using it. It felt a lot more luxurious than normal shower gels and it lathered really nicely. I also loved the spa scent. I have another mini tube of this to use up and I've love to buy the full size but it's £18 which I can't really justify.

Soap And Glory Hand Maid - This is an essential for work and I've already started my next bottle. I do wish they'd sell it in a bigger size so I can keep one on my desk though.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume - I can't believe I've gone through this perfume so quickly but I have been wearing it everyday since I got it. I love the scent and you can read my proper review here. I will be buying this again at some point. I also want to try out Taylor Swifts new perfume.


27 December 2012

China Glaze It's A Trap-eze! - NOTD

china glaze it's a trap-eze! nail polish notd
It's A Trap-eze! came out with the Cirque du Soleil Collection. Overall I wasn't too fussed with the collection but I did pick up this one and two others.

It's A Trap-eze! is a multi-colour and multi-sized glitter in a sheer white base. I love it in the bottle but I'm just not sure about it once on the nails. It doesn't apply very well and I don't have the patience to try and apply it nicely. This was two coats with a few little patches of a third coat to try and even things out. I also think it needs a sheer white/pink polish over the top to make the top layer of glitter look better.


24 December 2012

Advent Day 24

advent day 24
I cannot believe it's Christmas eve and it's the last day of opening my advent calendars! It really doesn't feel like Christmas tomorrow as I'm in work all today. At least I'll be wearing my Christmas jumper and swapping secret santa gifts.

This'll probably be my last post for the next few days so I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!


23 December 2012

Week In Photos 116, 117 & 118

week in photos 116 117 118 33 week in photos 116 117 118 32 week in photos 116 117 118 31 week in photos 116 117 118 30 week in photos 116 117 118 29 week in photos 116 117 118 28 week in photos 116 117 118 27 week in photos 116 117 118 26 week in photos 116 117 118 25 week in photos 116 117 118 24 week in photos 116 117 118 23 week in photos 116 117 118 21 week in photos 116 117 118 22 week in photos 116 117 118 20 week in photos 116 117 118 19 week in photos 116 117 118 18 week in photos 116 117 118 17 week in photos 116 117 118 16 week in photos 116 117 118 15 week in photos 116 117 118 14 week in photos 116 117 118 13 week in photos 116 117 118 12 week in photos 116 117 118 11 week in photos 116 117 118 10 week in photos 116 117 118 9 week in photos 116 117 118 8 week in photos 116 117 118 7 week in photos 116 117 118 6 week in photos 116 117 118 5 week in photos 116 117 118 4 week in photos 116 117 118 3 week in photos 116 117 118 1 New nail polish buys // Christmas tree has been bought // Rain // DIY // Decorating for Christmas // Celebrating the cats Birthday // Blog book // Writing out my December favourties // New jumper // Gifts for the family // Tree decorations // Strawberry meringue // Marshmallows // Secret santa gift I'm giving // Yo sushi! // Doughnut! //


Advent Days 22 & 23

advent day 22 advent day 23


21 December 2012

Advent Day 21

advent day 21


L'Occitane Almond Gift Set

l'occitane almond christmas gift set 4 l'occitane almond christmas gift set 3 l'occitane almond christmas gift set 2 l'occitane almond christmas gift set 1
This gift set* from L'Occitane is probably one of my favourites. It's full of almond scented products which smell good enough to eat! You can tell how popular it is as it's currently out of stock on their website but probably still available to buy in store if you're looking for a last minute gift for someone or even for yourself.

Shower Oil - This has been on the top of my wishlist for such a long time after everyone's been raving about it. You actually get a 500ml bottle in the gift set where as the normal 250ml bottle costs £16.50. When in contact this oil turns into a softening foam which feels really luxurious on the skin. I'll say it again, this smells amazing! Which I'll probably be repeating for every single product in this set.

Milk Concentrate - I just love the glass jar this body moisturiser comes in and will look perfect on a dressing table. It feels light weight on the skin which is what I like but it is still very hydrating. A good one for winter and summer.

Smooth Hands - This hand cream is lighter in texture than other L'Occitane hand creams I've tried which I prefer for on the go. It sinks in really quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue behind.

Delicious Paste - This is the first body scrub I've tried from L'Occitane and it's really nice. It's a blend of almond butter and almond oil so it feels very creamy on the skin. Crushed almond shells and sugar crystals create the scrub part which is actually more gentle than it sounds. It's a nice everyday scrub.

Delicious Soaps - Now when you think of soap, it doesn't sound very exciting but L'Occitane soaps are the best I've tried. They're incredibly creamy and lather up so well. They even make the whole bathroom smell of almonds. No candles needed! These two even have crushed almond shells inside for a little bit of exfoliation.

This gift set if currently on offer for £48 while it normally costs £71.

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