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I saw this tag on Polish Chest and thought it looked quite interesting as well as sharing my Essie collection. If anyone wants to do this leave your link in the comments as I'd love to read them. Plus I'm always on the look out for new polishes to add to my collection.
essie nail polish tag 1 How many Essie polishes do you own and would you show them? And tell us: why do you have that many of them!
I have 15 colours from a mix of the old formulas and the new diffusion line. From other peoples collections I don't think 15 is too many. I've only recently started liking Essie as I didn't like the formulas of the first few polishes I tried (Topless & Bare foot I'm looking at you) but now they've brought out the diffusion line they're becoming one of my favourites. Also apart from two from the diffusion line I haven't actually bought any full price.
essie nail polish tag 5
Instant Dry Oil // Matte About You // Ridge Filler // Carry On // It's Genius.
essie nail polish tag 4
Nice Is Nice // To Buy Or Not To Buy // Splash Of Grenadine // Muchi, Muchi // Ballet Slippers.
essie nail polish tag 3
A Crewed Interest // Very Structured // Over The Knee // /Brooch The Subject // Case Study.
essie nail polish tag 2
Power Clutch // Navigate Her // Mint Candy Apple.

Which polish is the newest and why?
I bought quite a few from Fragrance Direct for £1.99 so they're the newest. That includes A Crewed Interest, Power Clutch, Very Structured, Brooch The Subject, Case Study, Ballet Slippers, To Buy Or Not To Buy and Carry On.

Do you own any Top Coats, Base Coats and other Essie stuff?
I own three, Matte About You, Ridge filler and Instant Dry Oil. I love Matte About You and think it's probably the best matte top coat. It leaves your nails totally matte unlike some other brands which leave your nails with a satin finish. It also looks amazing over glitter nail polish.

Which are your three favorite polishes and why?
My three favourites have to be Mint Candy Apple, A Splash Of Grenadine and Navigate Her. They all have great formulas and I just love the colours.

Is there any polish you wanna buy next?
I really want to buy Dive Bar, looks like the perfect colour for winter!

Do you miss any colors or finishes in Essies range?
Not really, if I want to a certain colour that Essie doesn't sell then I'll just look to other brands.


  1. Loving your Essie collection. Their packaging is lovely & simple. They look great all lined up. I like the look of Muchi, Muchi & Navigate Her.

  2. Oooh I love this idea for a tag, maybe I'll do it too! You have a great range of colours. I have Muchi Muchi and Ballet Slippers but I really don't care for either. Muchi Muchi especially has such a terrible opacity you need like 4-5 coats! I've always wanted to try Mint Candy Apple, and Brooch the Subject looks like it would be right up my alley. So pretty!

  3. They all look so pretty lined up! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. I love Essie colours but find that they don't last long at all!

  5. Love your collection of Essies! So pretty :) x


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