NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish

nyx nail polishes

Probably should have ordered these around spring time instead of the end of September but I couldn't resist these pastel shades. These are the sort of colours that I love to wear. I also had to order another mint as I'm still on a mission to find the perfect one.

They're not original at all but for some reason they really appealed to me. I'm loving pistachio shades at the moment after trying Essie Navigate Her so wanted to see how this one compared. I'm also loving the bottles even though they are sort of hard to hold when painting my nails. 

This was the first time ordering from America that wasn't Ebay and it was pretty easy. I made sure I kept my order to the £15/£18 limit to avoid customs.


  1. Oh my gosh these are gorgeous! :-)

  2. These are gorgeous! I'm currently wearing a pastel pink in Autumn, so your pastels aren't alone! x

  3. how do you like the quality of the nyx polishes? They're packaging is just like Deborah Lippmann I love it

  4. Love these colours so much, must try these out! xo

  5. These are so nice - I don't know any shops that sell NYX id love to pick some up - the Pastel Mint // Pastel Pistachio are beautiful. I will pop on to Ebay and see if I can track some down

  6. These are lovely shades, can't wait to see swatches! xx


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