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Thunder & Lightening // Mixed Up // Mushroom // Pink Blush // Aciiied.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to get this post up as the sale was months ago. I think I just lost it in all the draft blog posts I have and found it while I was going through them all. Unlike other years, I bought the bare minimum needed to get the 50% off from Models Own. Minimum spend before discount was £25 so I only bought 5 polishes. Mainly because the ones I wanted (mirror ball and wonderland) where either sold out or not included in the discount. I also have quite a few polishes from them.

I'm really happy with all of them except Mixed Up. It's a black and holographic glitter in a clear base but I thought it would be like Thunder & Lightening, holographic glitter in a black base. Why they'd have two polishes exactly the same I don't know but that's what I thought it would be like. I don't even think it looks that nice when actually on the nail either. It's too dense to work like Nubar Black Polka Dot and gives the same effect as  Thunder & Lightening when applied over black.

I also love how Mushroom, Pink Blush and Aciied look together! As with all Models Own polishes, I've added a bit of polish to the lids so I can find the colour I want when they're in drawers.


  1. Pink blush looks absolutely gorgeous, I'm going to have to order it when I get home! xo
    By the way, you were my 'blog of the week' on Sunday :)


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