Lush Santa's Sack Bubble Bar

lush santas sack bubble bar christmas
Bubble bars are my favourite products from Lush and this one is no exception. The sack is the usual soft bubble bar but the presents are harder meaning they've re-useable, similar to Bubblebeard.

Santa has a little something for you in his sack
We’ve all been good enough to deserve a festive bath of softening bubbles with the scent of fizzy drinks. With tonka, neroli and tagetes this bubble bar is kind to the skin and a gift to the nose.
Even as an adult, there is nothing quite so exciting as Santa’s sack, bulging with mystery delights for us – so this bubble bar will appeal to everyone. 


  1. Love Lush bits, they always look so good - and this is particularly cute!

  2. never tried luch products,but I will,someday! :D

  3. Are these three bars in this one?


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