Barry M Glitters

barry m nail polishes 4 barry m nail polishes 3
Yellow Topaz // Black Multi // Gold Mine // Ruby // Rose Quartz.

I used a 20% off discount code and bought some of the new Barry M glitters with my first pay from my new job the other week. I haven't read too much about them, just the odd post here and there, so thought you'd like to see them. Although the Barry M online swatches are better than most they're still not perfect. I'm also hoping to get some NOTD's up as soon as possible.

I'm most excited about Ruby as it's the perfect polish to use as a jelly sandwich. In fact I bought Barry M's Nude polish so I can recreate Pretty Digits NOTD.


  1. These are all so gorgeous x

  2. I've wanted Goldmine for ages and it looks so good in your photos! x

  3. Ooh, I want all of these :) x

  4. Ruby looks like the most amazing glitter. What a pretty colour. Great for Xmas

  5. You always manage to pick such pretty barry m nail polish.I am definitely going to have to purchase ruby. Rachelle X


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