Week In Photos 107

Week In Photos 107 1 Week In Photos 107 2 Week In Photos 107 3 Week In Photos 107 4 001 My first week at my new job is over! Can't believe it went so quickly! I start work at 12 so am able to take photos and write blog posts in the morning. Haven't taken many photos this week for todays post though, not much really happened apart from settling into a different routine.

 002 This weekend has been spent packing up my bedroom as we're getting double glazed windows put in the whole house next week. Had to move everything from my desk as it's by the window and my camera collection.


  1. Oh hate packing down my stuff! And so great that you start your job late :D

    1. Congratulations on the new job! Happy to hear your first week went well!
      And JEEZO, your bedroom is mahoosive! Totally lusting after that much space!


    2. Thank you! haha it is rather large! I'm actually downstairs in the house so I'm in what would be the second living room :)xx

    3. I actually love packing for everything! haha I actually can't wait till I move out just so I can pack everything up. I'm also always the one to pack like a week early when I go on holiday :) xx


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