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I got my old desk when I started secondary school so I've had it for about ten years and although I updated it a few years ago with plastic marble it still wasn't quite what I wanted. After a lot of looking on Ikea's website and mixing and matching I finally figured out what I wanted. My criteria was white, a good amount of storage, within my budget and it had to fit in the alcove in my bedroom with a bit of space on either side. My new desk perfectly fills all those points and I'm so happy with it. It's certainly made me want to sit at my desk and blog more instead of sitting on my bed. 

Now down to the Ikea names in case anyone's interested. The table top is Vika Amon with Vika Adils legs in white/white which is £23. The five drawer unit is Vika Alex and is £55.

I've wanted the Alex unit for such a long time, mainly to store my nail polish in, but it's the perfect height to sit under my desk and I can easily fit everything I need in it along with space for more. The first drawer holds all my present supplies like wrapping paper, envelopes, gift tags, label maker and other bits like my business cards and some craft supplies.

The second drawer houses all my washi tapes and is by far my favourite. I was originally hanging this on my wall which you might have seen in this post but the tape was getting dusty. Although they are now hidden from view in my drawer it keeps them in a better condition. I just love how this drawer looks and can't wait to buy some more tape to fill it up. The third drawer is full of pens, pencils, coloured pencils, markers, charcoal etc and the fourth is full of magazines, notebooks and paper. Finally the fifth drawer houses all my laptop and camera supplies.

My bedroom is slowly coming on and becoming a room that I love rather than a space stuck between a childs/teenagers room and a young adults. Next up is taking down the old striped curtains and putting up a blind and nice white curtains. Can you see a theme here? white white white


  1. I love your desk! I wish we had an Ikea down here. I would order online, but delivery is expensive!

  2. Your desk looks great! I'm jealous. My room is so tiny so any nice furniture like this is a no-no for me! x

  3. That's such a beautiful and tidy set up! Wish my desk looked like that! x

  4. I adore it, it looks totally awesome :)
    I can't wait to get our new place- it means blogging/dressing table area- eeek! :)

  5. You're so organised! <3

    Jennie xo |

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