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I have a lot of nail polish, I've been collecting it for about 4 years, and it took me forever to find the perfect place to store it all. I'd love to have them all out on display but they last better and longer when in a dark cool place. Plus I just don't have anywhere to display them! I thought I'd share how I store mine in case anyone else was struggling to find something as well. It also gives me a chance to share my collection although I wont be going over each colour in this post. I think I'm going to do a separate post for each brand.

nail polish storage 17 nail polish storage 16 nail polish storage 15 nail polish storage 14 nail polish storage 13 nail polish storage 12 nail polish storage 11 nail polish storage 10 nail polish storage 1 The Argos drawers hold about 90 polishes on average although it is hard to see the colours of the polish. To combat this I've added a little blob of polish onto the lid of the bottles so I know which color is which. It's usually Models Own, Eyeko and Nails Inc I do this for. It really helps and also makes them look nice when all lined up. I first saw this set of drawers in Fleur's nail polish video and loved it. I bought one straight away and then got another one for Christmas last year. It's still available and costs only £25.

As for the Helmer I have no idea how many polishes it can hold as I'm only using two of the drawers for nail polish. The rest is for my make-up. Based on one of my drawers I'd guess you could fit about 600 polishes in there which is a crazy amount. Obviously this option is better if you have a large collection but not much space. The Argos drawers are good if you have a smaller collection. The Helmer also costs £25 and if you didn't already know, it's from Ikea.

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  1. Love how you have the colors on the top of the bottles! Love the way you have it all organized (:

  2. Omg, so much nail polish! Like your storage ideas :)

  3. Wow that's so much polish, great way to store it though! I love that you have the colours painted on the top, makes it so much easier!

  4. I just love your blog hun! And wowww that's an impressive collection <3 x x

  5. OMG ur collection *_*


  6. wow you sure have a massive nail polish collection! You should do a top 10 favourites! I would love to know.

  7. Love the look of your collection and also loved this post!

    Really didn't know the Helmer storage stored so much... I am thinking this is going to be on my Christmas list now, so that I can store all my extra makeup in it next to my desk.

    Thanks so much for this post :)

    Fee x


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