Models Own Wonderland Collection

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Northern Lights // Southern Lights // Snowflake // Jack Frost // Blizzard.

Don't really need any words to show how beautiful these polishes are, the photos do it all themselves. Another great collection from Models Own! You can buy these in a set, along with the 3 in 1 topcoat, but I bought mine separate in Boots 3 for 2.

Snowflake is a great dupe for China Glaze's Luxe And Lush from the Hunger Games collection and looks amazing over black. In fact they all look amazing over black apart from the two Lights. I really can't pick a favourite but I think my top two are Jack Frost and Blizzard.


  1. Ahh I wanted these all so much but when I went to Boots they only had one Southern Lights and all the rest were sold out! I need Jack Frost and Blizzard!! x

  2. I was thinking about getting Luxe and Lush after seeing a blog post on it, think I will definitely have to pick up Snowflake if it's a dupe xx

  3. All of them are so beautiful! I think the two lights would be my favourite xo

  4. These are so pretty, really want to pick up a few but they're currently sold out in my local Boots :( I think Jack Frost is my fav out of your swatches xx


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