Joliebox October 2012

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With a bit of a disappointing box last month from Joliebox I'm pretty pleased with Octobers box. This months box is all about pure and natural and is full of products which will help to survive winter.

Ritessens Exfoliant - Argan oil is a key ingredient in this exfoliator so it's going to be very moisturising and it also smells really great. It's a very gentle and creamy scrub so will be perfect for my sensitive skin. Excited to give this a try and it's a full size product.

Iroisie BB Cream - I've really liked the other bb cream that I've tried so intrigued to see how this compares. I'm a little skeptical of the colour though as I have very pale skin.

Jason Lip Balm - First of all this lip balm smells amazing! Exactly like mint chocolate and it feels great on the lips as well.

Moa The Green Balm - After seeing this in a few other beauty boxes I'm pleased to finally get to try it. Although it seems like a tiny tub it'll still last forever. I love balms in the winter so this is perfect.

Lov Organic Tea - This tea smells amazing and I love the unique packaging. It's really fruity and is a blend off white and green tea, green rooibos with pieces of mango, pineapple, apricot and peach.


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