Chalkboard Photo Frame

chalkboard photo frame 4 chalkboard photo frame 3 chalkboard photo frame 1 chalkboard photo frame 1 chalkboard photo frame 2
I picked up this photo frame from the unwanted pile at my mums studio. For what I wanted to put in the frame the wood needed to be black. Instead of using normal black paint I used chalkboard paint. Two coats later and it was done. This way I can either leave it with a matte finish or add chalk to it.

The image that's in the frame at the moment isn't going to stay there. I'm getting a photo of the cat printed but I just need to find somewhere good online that does larger than normal prints. Jessops doesn't seem to do larger than normal anymore which is where I've ordered from in the past.


  1. That is such a cool idea, I love it. Definitely going to update some frames and maybe finally get round to making a blackboard for my kitchen this weekend :)

  2. Amazing. I love DIY. If you did a chevron design on the frame with chalk I think that would be so cute!


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