31 October 2012

Ahava Eye Make-up Remover

ahava eye makeup remover 1 ahava eye makeup remover 2 ahava eye makeup remover 4 ahava eye makeup remover 3
I'm always on the lookout for a new eye make-up remover to try and compare to my favourites. My top three so far are Liz Earle Eye Bright, Mac Pro Eye Make-up Remover and Etat Pur Micellar Cleansing Water. All three take off my make-up very quickly with no effort, leave no residue and don't irritate my sensitive eyes. Those criteras and products are what I compare other eye make-up removers to.

Recently I've been testing this eye make-up remover* from Ahava so thought I'd share what I think. I like the simple packaging and that the liquid is blue, it looks nice on my bedside table. It's fragrance, SLS and paraben free which is perfect for my sensitive skin.

I've used one other remover that you have to shake before using as the oil separates, it was one from Lancome and I really liked it. As the oil separates so quickly you do have to shake it every time you want to use it, even after you've done the first eye which I find a bit annoying.

It takes off every scrap of eye make-up so easily. I just pour a bit onto a cotton pad, hold it over my eye for about 30 seconds and then gently swipe away. It does leave a slight residue, not at all greasy, but this sinks into the skin quite quickly and after a minute or two you can't feel anything.

It doesn't beat my top 3 but I'd put it in spot 4 or 5. I'll definitely be buying it again at some point. It's £14.50  for 125ml which is a similar price to Liz Earles Eye Bright.


30 October 2012

Top 5 Autumn Polishes

top 5 autumn nail polishes
Models Own Concrete Mixer // Essie Case Study // China Glaze Dress Me Up // Sally Hansen Delphinium // Sally Hansen Commander In Chic. 

Autumn nail polishes for me are dusky dirty colours like these five. I save the darker colours for winter!


29 October 2012

Nail Polish Storage & Collection

nail polish storage 2
I have a lot of nail polish, I've been collecting it for about 4 years, and it took me forever to find the perfect place to store it all. I'd love to have them all out on display but they last better and longer when in a dark cool place. Plus I just don't have anywhere to display them! I thought I'd share how I store mine in case anyone else was struggling to find something as well. It also gives me a chance to share my collection although I wont be going over each colour in this post. I think I'm going to do a separate post for each brand.

nail polish storage 17 nail polish storage 16 nail polish storage 15 nail polish storage 14 nail polish storage 13 nail polish storage 12 nail polish storage 11 nail polish storage 10 nail polish storage 1 The Argos drawers hold about 90 polishes on average although it is hard to see the colours of the polish. To combat this I've added a little blob of polish onto the lid of the bottles so I know which color is which. It's usually Models Own, Eyeko and Nails Inc I do this for. It really helps and also makes them look nice when all lined up. I first saw this set of drawers in Fleur's nail polish video and loved it. I bought one straight away and then got another one for Christmas last year. It's still available and costs only £25.

As for the Helmer I have no idea how many polishes it can hold as I'm only using two of the drawers for nail polish. The rest is for my make-up. Based on one of my drawers I'd guess you could fit about 600 polishes in there which is a crazy amount. Obviously this option is better if you have a large collection but not much space. The Argos drawers are good if you have a smaller collection. The Helmer also costs £25 and if you didn't already know, it's from Ikea.

nail polish storage 9 nail polish storage 8 nail polish storage 7 nail polish storage 6 nail polish storage 5 nail polish storage 4 nail polish storage 3

28 October 2012

Week In Photos 110

week in photos 110 5 week in photos 110 4 week in photos 110 3 week in photos 110 2 week in photos 110 1 week in photos 110 8 week in photos 110 6 week in photos 110 7
Clinique Goodies // Little helper // Goodbye old stained glass // Finally getting round to labeling the drawers // Ikea shopping list // Few new bedroom additions // Bedtime reading.


27 October 2012

Models Own Wonderland Collection

models own nail polishes 6 models own nail polishes 5models own nail polishes 4 models own nail polishes 3 models own nail polishes 1 models own wonderland nail polish swatches 1
Northern Lights // Southern Lights // Snowflake // Jack Frost // Blizzard.

Don't really need any words to show how beautiful these polishes are, the photos do it all themselves. Another great collection from Models Own! You can buy these in a set, along with the 3 in 1 topcoat, but I bought mine separate in Boots 3 for 2.

Snowflake is a great dupe for China Glaze's Luxe And Lush from the Hunger Games collection and looks amazing over black. In fact they all look amazing over black apart from the two Lights. I really can't pick a favourite but I think my top two are Jack Frost and Blizzard.


26 October 2012

Chalkboard Photo Frame

chalkboard photo frame 4 chalkboard photo frame 3 chalkboard photo frame 1 chalkboard photo frame 1 chalkboard photo frame 2
I picked up this photo frame from the unwanted pile at my mums studio. For what I wanted to put in the frame the wood needed to be black. Instead of using normal black paint I used chalkboard paint. Two coats later and it was done. This way I can either leave it with a matte finish or add chalk to it.

The image that's in the frame at the moment isn't going to stay there. I'm getting a photo of the cat printed but I just need to find somewhere good online that does larger than normal prints. Jessops doesn't seem to do larger than normal anymore which is where I've ordered from in the past.


25 October 2012

Korres Jasmine Lip Butter

korres jasmine lip butter 1 korres jasmine lip butter 2 korres jasmine lip butter 3
I've been a huge fan of Korres lip butters ever since I bought my first one, wild rose. They're great lip balms and leave behind a nice subtle tint to the lips. Something I much prefer on an everyday basis than wearing a lipstick. I always have some sort of tinted lip balm in my bag.

I've wanted the jasmine version for a while but it's always been sold out. When I was making a little feel unique order a banner for the lip butters appeared at the top of the page saying they had a bit of money off. I had a look and finally it was back in stock!

I've been using it basically every day since and I can see me finishing this pretty quickly. To me it doesn't smell like jasmine at all which is perfect as I really hate the scent of jasmine. We have it in the garden and it's horrible. I can't pin point what the lip butter smells like but it's nothing like I imagined.


24 October 2012

Next New York Perfume

next new york perfume
I seem to be going through my bottle of YSL Parisienne very quickly at the moment so I wanted to buy a cheap perfume for everyday and one that I could chuck in my bag and not worry about it. Where else can you go to buy a cheap perfume than Next?

I've used their perfumes on and off for about seven years I think and my very first was simply called fragrance or something like that. I've probably owned them all over the years.

I first smelt the New York perfume as a candle and loved it immediately so knew I had to have the perfume. I will be picking up the candle at some point though! It reminds me a bit of Paco Rabanne Lady Million as they have similar notes.
"A radiant, white floral fragrance with elegant jasmine and sun-kissed orange blossom. In spiring and cosmopolitan, this blend captivates and engages the senses."
I really like the simple packaging, reminds me of the Marc Jacobs perfumes but on a smaller scale. I bought the 50ml for £8 but you can get the 100ml for £12.


23 October 2012

New Blogging Station

new blogging station 6 new blogging station 1 new blogging station 2 new blogging station 3 new blogging station 4 new blogging station 5 new blogging station 7
I got my old desk when I started secondary school so I've had it for about ten years and although I updated it a few years ago with plastic marble it still wasn't quite what I wanted. After a lot of looking on Ikea's website and mixing and matching I finally figured out what I wanted. My criteria was white, a good amount of storage, within my budget and it had to fit in the alcove in my bedroom with a bit of space on either side. My new desk perfectly fills all those points and I'm so happy with it. It's certainly made me want to sit at my desk and blog more instead of sitting on my bed. 

Now down to the Ikea names in case anyone's interested. The table top is Vika Amon with Vika Adils legs in white/white which is £23. The five drawer unit is Vika Alex and is £55.

I've wanted the Alex unit for such a long time, mainly to store my nail polish in, but it's the perfect height to sit under my desk and I can easily fit everything I need in it along with space for more. The first drawer holds all my present supplies like wrapping paper, envelopes, gift tags, label maker and other bits like my business cards and some craft supplies.

The second drawer houses all my washi tapes and is by far my favourite. I was originally hanging this on my wall which you might have seen in this post but the tape was getting dusty. Although they are now hidden from view in my drawer it keeps them in a better condition. I just love how this drawer looks and can't wait to buy some more tape to fill it up. The third drawer is full of pens, pencils, coloured pencils, markers, charcoal etc and the fourth is full of magazines, notebooks and paper. Finally the fifth drawer houses all my laptop and camera supplies.

My bedroom is slowly coming on and becoming a room that I love rather than a space stuck between a childs/teenagers room and a young adults. Next up is taking down the old striped curtains and putting up a blind and nice white curtains. Can you see a theme here? white white white

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