More Mug Drawings

mug diy 2 moustache mug diy 1 mug diy 1 mug diy 3
Here's a couple more mugs I decorated after my post the other day. I gave the set of moustache mugs to my brother for his birthday and then the rest are dotted around my room.

This time I used a porcelain pen which I bought from ebay for a couple of pounds. Although I can't say how long or well the designs will last as I've only had them a few weeks, it was a lot easier to draw and colour in the designs than using a sharpie.

The next thing I have planned for mugs and glasses is to use some chalkboard paint!

Anyone else given this a go?


  1. The mustache mugs are amazing! Lovely post darling <3


  2. Ah-mazing! Says a tashe obsessed girl:) xx

  3. I love the moustache mugs! xo

  4. love the mugs! :D you should sell them hihi :)

  5. These are fantastic, you should sell these!

  6. I love these so much, especially the 'hi' one in the background!! xo

  7. These are so fun. I am thinking of doing some as Xmas pressies. The personal touch & all that.
    I agree you could sell them. They are fab

  8. These are amazing I would totally buy the mustache one.

  9. This is such a great idea, especially for Christmas. Unique, personal and not too expensive.
    I will definitely be referring back to this post nearer to Christmas. x


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