30 September 2012

Week In Photos 105 & 106

Week In Photos 105 106 2 Week In Photos 105 106 1 Week In Photos 105 106 3 Week In Photos 105 106 4 Week In Photos 105 106 5 Week In Photos 105 106 6 Week In Photos 105 106 7 Week In Photos 105 106 8 Week In Photos 105 106 9 Week In Photos 105 106 10
Birthday cupcakes for my mum // New book to read // New addition to my room // Tray waiting to be painted // I bought a mini Diana // Started a new job on Friday // Saturday lunch // Weekend blogging.


28 September 2012

September 2012 Favourites

september 2012 favourites 2 september 2012 favourites 1 Essie Navigate Her - I don't normally like green nail polishes but I'm loving pistachio shades at the moment and this one in particular. With the new diffusion brush it means it's a dream to apply and lasts a good amount of time. The best thing about is that I managed to pick it up for only £1.99 from Fragrance Direct.

Sally Hansen Delphinium - This is the first Sally Hansen coloured polish I've tried and it's started a little obsession in which I've built up a small collection over the month. This one's one of my favourites, it's a lovely pastel shade that in some lights it looks a purple-grey and others it's more of a grey-purple. Such an easy colour to wear and lasts really well especially with a Sally Hansen top coat.

Moroccan Oil - Don't think I've mentioned this in any of my favourites yet but I've been using it over the last few months and really surprised how little of it I've actually used. Although it is expensive, it does wonders to my hair so I think I may buy the full sized bottle once I've finished this one. I also love the scent!

Barefoot SOS Dry Scalp Shampoo - Once I finished my first bottle of this shampoo and went onto using others I really noticed a difference with how my scalp felt and by eczema flared up again. I just had to order another bottle and even though I've only used it twice I've already noticed a huge difference. If you've had a problem with an itchy eczema prone scalp then you should give this a go.

NSPA Grapefruit & Passion Fruit Shower Gels - These were on offer for 2 for £4 so thought I'd give them a go as they smell amazing and they're really great. They remind me of the shower gels from The Body Shop but obviously at a much better price and they also make great bubble baths.


27 September 2012

Polka Dots - NOTD

polkda dot notd
Thought I'd add Nubar's Black Polka Dots on top of Pixi Coral Cabana as I haven't used it that much since buying it. I really like the effect this gives to a polish and it's so simple. The larger pieces of glitter are harder to place evenly but this could be solved with another coat. As the smaller glitter is so fine it's actually pretty easy to take off.


26 September 2012

Base Coat & Top Coat Round Up 001

base coats top coats nails nail polish
I've built up a small collection of base and top coats, each very different to the next, so thought I'd do a little bit of a run down of them all. I never thought I'd find a base coat or top coat that would actually make my nail polish last longer. I've tried so many different brands and price ranges but they've all made my polish peal almost immediately. This includes Seche Vite which I know is a favourite of so many. If you've had the same problem as me then hopefully one of these will work for you.

Essie Instant Dry Oil - This isn't a top coat, it protects your polish from being dented straight after you have painted them. I thought I'd include it anyway as I haven't read many reviews about it. It was quite an odd product to get used to, it's an oil so I found it quite hard to apply until I got used to it. At first it was quite messy but a small amount is needed to each nail. It doesn't soak into the nail like I expected, instead it sits there until wiped away. It does product the nails from being dented but that's because your not moving your hands anyway because they're covered in oil, just like I would without using it. If you can find it cheap then I'd say try it but it isn't worth the £10 price tag. I bought mine from Fragrance Direct for £2.50. ***

Nubar Foundation Base Coat - I've been using this for the past couple of weeks but haven't decided if I like it or not. Combined with Sally Hansen Hard As Nails top coat it makes polish peal off almost immediately but with Nubars Diamont it lasts longer. Currently working out if it's this or the Sally Hansen which is the problem. I wouldn't rush out and buy it just yet but it does dry incredibly quickly and is easy to apply. I bought it from Feel Unique for £7. ******

Orly Primetime - As the name suggests this is a primer to prepare your nails for polish. I bought this in a set with Orly's base and top coat so I would never have bought it on it's own. For me this is just an unnecessary step as I find it really doesn't do anything. It's very watery which I find quite hard to apply and the stiff brush doesn't help. You can buy the mini bottle for £5 from Boots or in a set for £13. *

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Top Coat - I've really enjoyed using this top coat but find it works best without a base coat so I only use it if I know the polish isn't going to stain my nails. It doesn't have the fast drying properties to it like Nubar Diamont but it leaves the same gel like finish to the nails and makes polish last longer. This is a really good alternative for a cheaper price. I bought mine for £1.50 from Fragrance Direct. ****

Orly Bonder Base Coat - When I first got this I couldn't stop raving about it but now I'm half way through the bottle I've changed my mind about it. I'm not sure if it's anything to do with being near the end of the bottle but it just doesn't work as well as it used to. A coat of this will create a rubber base which is meant to help polish adhere to your nails. I find that it takes so long to dry and even when I think it's fine to put the first coat of colour polish on top it isn't. Polish bubbles very easily when applied on top of this. You can buy the mini bottle for £5 from Boots. *****

Sally Hansen Insta-grip Fast Dry Base Coat - I wouldn't say this is my favourite base coat but it is one that I'd definitely buy again. I really like the brush and it just makes it so easy to apply. It dries very quickly and actually decreases the amount of coats of coloured polish. The first layer of polish applies more evenly so you don't need another one to even it out like you would without it if that makes any sense. Basically a polish that would need 3 coats on it's own I could probably get away with only 2 using this base coat. You can buy this for £6 from Feel Unique. ****

Nubar Diamont Top Coat - Before trying this one I was raving about Orly's Polishield but this has completely taken first place. It dries almost immediately, is very glossy and makes nail polish feel like gel nails. It makes my polish last so much longer than any other top coat and is a pretty good price at £7. *******

Essie Ridge Filler - This is the first ridge filler I've tried so I haven't really got anything to compare it to. If I don't buff my nails regularly then I do get a few ridges on my nails. With the majority of polishes this doesn't matter but with sheer or metallic polishes this can be a problem. This evens out the nail and leaves your nails slightly whiter which is good for sheer colours and creates a better base colour. It isn't an essential product but good if you can find it cheap. I bought mine for £2.50 from Fragrance Direct although you can buy it from Feel Unique. ****

Models Own 3 In 1 Basecoat, Topcoat & Gloss - This is probably my least favourite out of any base and top coats I've tried. It's £5 so isn't the cheapest. I think I might have bought it in the half price sale so only paid £2.50. I find it's way too thick to use as a basecoat and bubbles immediately when applied over a nail polish as a topcoat. It also takes ages to dry however you use it. It works ok as a gloss but no where near as good as Nubar Diamont. I tend to use this over glitter polishes when I want to apply a couple of coats and it doesn't matter if it bubbles as you can see it over glitter. *

I think that's pretty much all the base and top coats I've ever used. I've owned Seche Vite before and hated it because it made my polish peel off instantly. I really liked Orly's Polishield and will probably buy another bottle at some point but for now I'm loving Nubars.

So I'm still on the hunt for the perfect base coat, any suggestions?


25 September 2012

More Mug Drawings

mug diy 2 moustache mug diy 1 mug diy 1 mug diy 3
Here's a couple more mugs I decorated after my post the other day. I gave the set of moustache mugs to my brother for his birthday and then the rest are dotted around my room.

This time I used a porcelain pen which I bought from ebay for a couple of pounds. Although I can't say how long or well the designs will last as I've only had them a few weeks, it was a lot easier to draw and colour in the designs than using a sharpie.

The next thing I have planned for mugs and glasses is to use some chalkboard paint!

Anyone else given this a go?

24 September 2012

Joliebox September 2012

joliebox september 2012 2 joliebox september 2012 5 joliebox september 2012 4 joliebox september 2012 3 joliebox september 2012 1 joliebox september 2012 6
Septembers Joliebox is pretty good, it isn't amazing but I know I'll use everything in it which doesn't happen that often with beauty boxes. Also this months has come in a similar colour style to lasts months which I really like. Makes a good change from the pink.

Redken Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion - I've never used Redken products before so interested in how this works. It's very rare that I straighten my hair but this is meant to reduce frizz which is one of my main problems with my hair so I'm hoping it'll help with that even if I leave it natural or curl it.

I Love ... Strawberry Face Mask - I haven't opened this yet but I can already tell it's going to smell amazing. Again another brand I haven't tried any products from. This is a peel off mask so hoping it'll be easy to remove. The moisturising side sounds perfect for my dry skin.

Balmi Coconut Lip Balm - These have just done the rounds in the blogging world as a UK equivalent to the EOS lip balm. I love the coconut scent and it feels great on the lips. It isn't as easy to open as the EOS but apart from that it's a great product.

Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant - I have heard that this is quite a harsh product so I wont be using it on my face as my skin is very sensitive. Could be good for a hand or foot exfoliant though.

Twistband - These are meant to leave your hair kink free which I'm intrigued to see if it actually works!

What did you think of this months box?


21 September 2012

Glossybox September 2012

glossybox september 2012 1 glossybox september 2012 2 glossybox september 2012 3 glossybox september 2012 4 glossybox september 2012 5 glossybox september 2012 6 glossybox september 2012 7 This months box* is designed by Maggie Li and it's definitely my favourite out of all the limited editions. It features one of my favourite colours, mint, and some really nice illustrations and is sitting nicely on show on my new desk.

From looking at other peoples boxes I'm pretty disappointed with what was in mine. I was really hoping for the L'Oreal Mythic hair oil as it's been on my wish list for ages. Just looking at my box on it's own I think it's ok just not to my tastes.

Lady Gaga Fame perfume - I was really pleased to see a sample of this in the box as I've wanted to see what it smelt like since reading reviews. It's a lovely scent, not as unique as I was expecting coming from Lady Gaga, but one I'd definitely be buying at some point. I was surprised to see that the sample wasn't in clear glass so you could see the black fluid.

Rodial 5 Minute Facial & Snake Serum sachets - I'm looking forward to giving the facial a go as I really like clay masks. The snake serum isn't really for me so I'll be keeping these aside for a giveaway at some point.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream - I've really gotten into eye creams recently so I'm looking forward to using this. I've really liked the other Balance Me products I've tried so hoping this will be just as good.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturiser - This is very perfumed so I wont be using this on my sensitive skin. I was going to give this to my mum to try out but she doesn't like the scent either so again this will be going into the giveaway box.

Biosilk Silk Therapy - This is a leave in hair treatment which I've actually owned before and not liked. It feels like it's full of silicone and another one that will be going into the giveaway box.

What did you think of this months box?


20 September 2012

Not Buying Nail Polishes In 2012 ...

... has completely gone out the window. At the start of the year I gave myself a challenge to only buy 10 nail polishes in the year because my collection had grown to an unusable amount. I wanted to use the polishes I already had before buying any new ones. It's now the middle of September and I've definitely bought more than 10, 23 to be exact. That's only around 2.5 per month so far, that's not too bad is it??

My reasoning behind going over my limit is that I've manged to completely finish 5 polishes so far and gave away around 40 unwanted polishes to my cousins in June.

There's still a couple of polishes I'm not sure if I want to keep but apart from that I'm pretty happy with how I've narrowed my collection down. I'm also hoping to use up a few more polishes by the end of the year to cancel out the extra 13 I've bought so far.

Thought I'd share a photo of the ones I've bought.
10 nail polishes


19 September 2012

Pink Themed

My latest Feel Unique order seems to have a theme!
feel unique order pink


18 September 2012

Workman Light

workman light clas olhson 1 workman light clas olhson 2 workman light clas olhson 3
This light from Clas Ohlson has been on my bedroom wishlist for almost a year. It was only recently that I realised we actually had a Clas Ohlson shop in town so £10 later and it was mine.

I first saw this on Stylizimo and I loved how it could hang down the wall like they've done in their office. Not only does it look good as decoration, it's a really great light and makes pretty shadows at night.

My parents even lent it the other week to take it under the house to look at the floor boards as it has an incredibly long cable.


17 September 2012

Mavala Thinner

mavala nail polish thinner
I've never used a nail polish thinner before and hadn't thought of buying one until recently. I just used to throw out polishes once they went horrible and repurchased if I liked the colour enough. Now though I have a lot more polishes so it means I don't use each one that often. They tend to go gloopy more quickly now so instead of throwing them out and wasting a lot of money I bought a thinner.

As I said I've never used one before so I have no idea which is the best, should I go for cheap or expensive?

In the end I went with one from Mavala as it was only £5.40 on FeelUnique which seemed a pretty decent price. Although OPI's is a better deal, 60ml seems a lot of product when you only need a couple of drops per polish. If I ever run out of this one I'll think about getting the OPI one.

You simply take an old gloopy polish and add a couple of drops of thinner, give it a good shake and leave to settle for about 20 mins. It works wonders for a gloopy polishes and even those that are just a tiny bit too thick, one drop will make it easier to apply. If the nail polish has gone completely sold then I don't think even this can solve the problem but for a gloopy polish it's a must.

Have you used a nail polish thinner before?


16 September 2012

Week In Photos 104

Week In Photos 104  1 Week In Photos 104 4 Week In Photos 104 3 Week In Photos 104 2 New home for my favourites // First lot of hail stones // Early Birthday treats for my mum.


15 September 2012

W7 Lava Flow - NOTD

w7 lava flow notd
W7's Lava Flow is pretty much an exact copy of the Nails Inc Sprinkles polishes. Although it isn't the same colours it's basically the same style. I have one of the Nails Inc one's, Sweets Way, so I wanted to give the W7 one's a try. I'm hoping to pick up two more Sprinkles when they're in the sale as I just don't think they're worth the £11 price tag.

Lava Flow is a sheer white base packed full of red and blue glitter. It isn't your normal type of glitter though, because of the sheer white base it almost makes the glitter look matte. For this NOTD I applied two coats but if you want the glitter completely even and to cover each nail a third coat is probably best. Although you could try adding this to a white base, that way you'd probably be able to get away with only one.

This polish completely eats up any top coat you apply so you'll need a couple of coats if you want a glossy smooth finish. I'm not bothered about this so I just applied one.

I bought mine from Amazon for £2.95.

Do you like these kind of nail polishes? Tried any of the Nails Inc ones?


13 September 2012

Top 5 Glitter Nail Polishes

top 5 glitter nail polishes eyeko opi models own barry m essence rimmel

It's not that often I wear glitter nail polish, I hate the removal of it, but when I do I always go for one of these. And yes I have picked 6, I just could not narrow it down to 5. The Models Own and Barry M polishes are quite new to my collection so haven't been used as much as the others so I'm sort of classing them as one.


12 September 2012

fox cushion
Very excited about the newest edition to my bedroom, the fox cushion! Once I change the fabric of the chair cushion it's going to look even better. I just love the shape, the fabric used and how comfy it is. Bought from Urban Outfitters.


11 September 2012

Alterations To My Room

I'm constantly finding new objects to put in my bedroom, art to hang on the walls, things to make and DIY's. My bedroom says a lot about me and my personality but then it still has bits of furniture from when I was younger and a teenager. It's a mix that really doesn't look good together. I'm still living with my parents at the moment which I hope will change some point soon so I don't want to make any major changes.
week in photos 089 2
This was when my veg plants where taking over my bedroom!

If I could completely re-do my room I'd get a double bed (I still have a single at the moment), new wardrobes and while I'm at it I'll have a blogging and craft room as well and an en suite bathroom. Obviously this isn't going to happen. I've created a list of small changes I'd like to make over the next few months so hopefully my room will feel a bit more "me" while I'm still living here.
  • paint over the feature wall white
  • take down old curtains and put up a blind
  • new desk
  • cover chair cushion
  • new bed linen & blankets
  • do something with old shelves
  • new rug
  • declutter! 
All the furniture I've bought is white so I'm slowly trying to get rid of the pine which is my old furniture. Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe I'm thinking of just painting the doors which should make a huge difference. 
alterations to my bedroom
I also really want some sort of storage for my cameras but I can't find what I want. Although saying that, I'm not really sure what I want and will probably know when I see it. The only thing I know is I want it to be enclosed though to keep the dust to a minimum. Something like Kaylah's from Dainty Squid but a bit more modern looking.
Photo credit: Dainty Squid

Are you happy with how your bedroom is decorate? If you could start from scratch what would you do differently?


10 September 2012

Nubar Almond Cuticle Oil

nubar almond cuticle oil
In the last week or two of July I noticed my nails had suddenly started peeling, my cuticles were very dry and they just weren't in a very good state over all. I think I'd just been wearing too much polish, removing it and then applying another colour too often.

I decided to leave my nails bare till the end of August. This was very hard for me to do as I hate not wearing polish especially if my nails are stained which they were. I only applied polish once during the month as I had a job interview so I wanted my nails too look more professional. Yellow/orange bare nails is not a good luck!

The one product that has worked wonders to my nails is Nubar's Cuticle Oil. This even worked really well when I had a bad eczema flare up on one knuckle that just would not go away. The first thing you notice is how good this smells! I have the almond version and it is amazing. They have other scents like vanilla, passion fruit and grapefruit if almond isn't for you.

I apply this at night just as I'm about to go to sleep as well as just after I've painted or removed my nail polish. The brush makes it really easy to apply but you also get a little pipette so you don't have to touch the skin and then put the brush back in the bottle.

I ordered mine from Feel Unique for £6.75 with free delivery.


09 September 2012

Week In Photos 102 & 103

Week In Photos 102 103 2 Week In Photos 102 103 1 Week In Photos 102 103 3 Week In Photos 102 103 4 Week In Photos 102 103 5 Week In Photos 102 103 6 Week In Photos 102 103 7 Week In Photos 102 103 8 Week In Photos 102 103 9 Carpe Diem // Wish Magazine pull out // Birdcage & Bird // Sunset // Liverpool Food & Drink Festival // Homemade meringue // Cat trying to be a human // Good post day // Working on my mums birthday present.

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