Top 5 Pastel Nail Polishes

I'm bringing back the Top 5 series I started ages ago and never got any further than the first one, lipsticks. I'm probably going to be posting 2 or 3 a month so they'll be pretty spaced out. I'm not going to be covering everything as I don't have a top 5 for everything. Especially foundations, concealers and bronzer.

Today I'm covering pastel nail polishes and two of these featured in my top 10 nail polishes in April. Although it's only been a few months, my top 10 nail polishes has completely changed and I don't even think I could narrow it down to 10 any more.

top 5 pastel nail polish essie revlon models own
Essie Mint Candy Apple // Revlon Minted // Models Beth's Blue // Models Own Utopia // Revlon Lilac Pastelle. 


  1. I love Beth's Blue and Mint Candy Apple! I really want Utopia :)

  2. I love the look of the Revlon Minited polish :) So pretty xx

  3. Beths Blue looks so so lovely!


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