The Shop At Number 57 // Ampersand Cross Stitch

ampersand cross stick 1 ampersand cross stick 2 ampersand cross stick 3 ampersand cross stick 4 ampersand

I haven't done cross stitch for years so what made me decide to all of a sudden order a pattern, I have no idea. I first saw this particular Ampersand cross stitch on Victoria's blog which led me to the shop, The Shop At Number 57, which is where she got hers from. I love everything they sell and will definitely be buying some more patterns and perhaps a print or two.

This was my first time following a pattern so it took me a couple of rows to get into it and know what I was doing. In the end it only took me two days to finish and I just sewed bits as I was watching a film. The instructions were really easy to follow and it arrived beautifully packaged.


  1. I love this! What a cute kit :)

  2. Its really pretty and very personal as you made it! You talented lady! xx

  3. It is pretty! I need to look for my kit too...long since I used it:)

  4. Cute! I like how they send a full set.


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