07 August 2012

Project Sample Use Up 001

project sample use up
I'm joining Leanne on project sample use up to try and get my stash down to an amount I'm happy with. At the moment I get two beauty boxes a month a long with other samples I get from orders or other places so I have a lot. I tend to save samples for when I go away but seeing as I haven't got a holiday planned I'm going to use them instead. Because I already do Empties posts I'm hoping my next update for this project will be an empty basket!



  1. Oooh, I see some La Roche Posay in there. Use that first, it's lovely! xx

  2. Wowzers, that's a lot of samples :) I've been using my samples up that I've got through beauty boxes, surprising how much room they actually take up :) x


  3. Bloody hell that's a lot of samples! Good luck! Xo

  4. Great idea! Looking forward to your future empties posts! x


  5. can't wait to hear your thoughts, thats a basket I'd love to delve into! :) xx


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