Empty Nail Polish Bottles

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Last month I posted about depotting some of my nail polishes into bottles that I'd finished. I still had a couple more polishes that I wanted to depot but no empty bottles left. After a quick look on ebay I found a pack of 5 empty polish bottles for only £3.20 so I bought two lots. They took about 12 days to arrive but they did come all the way from China.

Despite being incredibly cheap the brushes are actually really good quality. They're even better than some brands like the old style Essie. These are 5ml bottles as I wanted something much smaller than the usual 10ml or even 15ml and I know I'll be able to finish them before they go gloopy.

If you're looking for empty bottles for creating your own polishes, frankening, then you can get larger one's from other sellers. I really like how these look and I'll definitely be ordering some more. I might even have a go at making my own colours!

Have you had a go at creating a franken polish?


  1. I really want to do this with some of my polishes and keep forgetting to order some of the bottles! Thanks for reminding me:) x


  2. What a great idea! They are perfect for taking travelling too! I am going to pick some up


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