31 August 2012

August 2012 Empties

august 2012 empties 1 august 2012 empties 2
Soap & Glory Glam A Lot Body Spray - I love the scent of this and wish they sold it as a perfume as the body spray just doesn't last that long. I use this when I'm just going to the shops or something when I just want a subtle scent. Although I'm not 100% sure I think it's a mix of musk, sandalwood and vanilla. I'll definitely be buying this again when the other S&G body spray I'm using has ran out.

Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner - This came in last months Joliebox and I have to say I didn't use it instead of shampoo and conditioner as you're meant to. I used it as my conditioner and while it was nice it's not something I'd buy properly.

Liz Earle Eye Bright - I've gone through so many of these I've lost count. It's the best eye make-up remover I've tried and also makes a great quick treatment if my eyes are irritated with hay fever. I'm using a different remover at the moment but once I run out of that I'll be buying another one of these.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - I found this little tube of the mens C&P in the bathroom cupboard and I knew my dad wouldn't finish it so I thought I would. As far as I can tell it's the same product just in different packaging. Again I've lost count of how many tubes of this I've gone through! It's my holy grail cleanser.

Balance Me Rose Shower Gel - This little bottle was in one of my Latest In Beauty boxes. It smells lovely but isn't as moisturising as the Weleda rose body was which I love so I wont be buying the full size of this.

Nspa Jojoba & White Jasmine Body Wash - This is one of my favourite shower gels. The product itself is pretty standard but the scent is amazing! If you have an asda near you then you need to smell this range. I've already bought the full size.

Natural Collection Passion Fruit Bath Essence - To me, this doesn't smell like passion fruit at all although it is nice and fruity. For a cheap bubble bath it works great and I'll definitely buy it again at some point.

Original Source Strawberry Shower Gel - This is another one were the product itself is standard but it smells amazing. The strawberry scent is so strong that it makes you want to eat it. The limited edition scents are always the best like the pineapple one they brought out last summer. I think it's still available though so I'll be picking up another tube.

What products have you finished this month?

30 August 2012

Pixi Coral Cabana - NOTD

It feels like such a long time since I posted a NOTD or even wore nail polish. It's probably been about a month since I've worn it and my nails are in a much better condition because of it. I have missed painting my nails though so the first polish I wore after my break was this one.pixi coral cabana notd nail polish neon
Coral Cabana from Pixi is a neon coral that is so hard to capture the true colour in a photograph. This is as close as I can get but it's so much brighter, more orange and less pink. From looking at other images on google it seems people are having the same problem and no one, at least that I've seen, has captured its true colour.

For some reason before this summer I always hated neons and thought they wouldn't suit my pale skin. Turns out they look fine, or at least I think they do, and I've got a nice little collection of them now. A couple are actually in my August favourites a long with this one.

This, along with Summer Pink, is my first Pixi polish and definitely not my last. In fact I've ordered a couple more from the ASOS sale as I couldn't resist the £4.50 price tag plus the extra 10% off using "extra10". I can safely say my only buying 10 polishes this year has completely gone out the window!

I love the packaging with the metal green lid, it might even be one of my favourites. The brush is quite thin which I like as I have very small nails. It hasn't got the best consistency which is it's only let down. In the photo above I have two coats on but I feel like it could have done with a third to even it out properly.

Have you tried Pixi polishes?


29 August 2012

Week In Photos 101

week in photos 101 2 week in photos 101 7 week in photos 101 6 week in photos 101 5 week in photos 101 4 week in photos 101 3 week in photos 101 1 week in photos 101 8
Cat does not like his photo being taken // Comparing homegrown courgettes on the left and Asda courgette on the right // First batch of homegrown toms // Read // Cupcakes // Homegrown blackberries // New Shoes // Chalkboard drawings. 


28 August 2012

August Favourites

august 2012 favourites 2 august 2012 favourites 1
This month I haven't been wearing any polish on my hands so I've been changing the polish on my toes more frequently and using different colours. My favourites have been Models Own Hedonist and Beach Party and Pixi Coral Cabana and Summer pink. All four are fairly new to my collection but have had a lot of use over the past month and a bit.

YSL Shocking Mascara - I got a sample of this at the start of the month and I've used it everyday since. All my other mascaras have been completely forgotten about. Yes it is expensive but it's just so darn good. It's very black, lengthens, defines and a lot of volume all at the same time. If you haven't given it a go you really should.

L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Perfume - My usual YSL Parisienne is running low so I'm trying to use my other perfumes instead. This month it's been this cute little bottle from L'Occitane. Peonies are my favourite flower so I just love this scent. I wished it had a spray to make it easier to apply though.

Topshop Clear Lip Balm - This is my lip balm choice before bed at the moment and I can still feel it on my lips when I wake up. It really helps to get rid of any dry patches so I can easily put lipstick on in the morning. It also smells of watermelon which I love and is pretty cheap.

HD Brows Tweezers* - I've never been happy with my eyebrows until now, these tweezers have made it so easy to shape them and keep on top of them. They also make it incredibly easy to pluck the tiny little hairs. I never would have thought to try a more expensive pair or tweezers before trying these but there is a huge difference.

What are your favourites this month?


27 August 2012

Top 5 Dark Nail Polishes

top 5 dark nail polishes opi orly eyeko


23 August 2012

Nubar Diamont Top Coat

nubar diamont top coat
I've always struggled with top coats as they tend to peel off almost immediately on me for some reason. That is until I discovered Orly's Polishield and now Nubar's Diamont. Both are joint favourites of mine, I really cannot choose between the two although Nubar is slightly cheaper.

Not only is this a great fast drying top coat, it makes your nails incredibly glossy that they almost look like gel nails. They also feel like gel nails. Finally the best thing is that it makes my nail polish last which I usually have a problem with. I type a lot so I tend to get a lot tip wear but this really helps to slow it down.

 The only thing I don't like about this polish, and it's a very minor detail, is I'm not a fan of the lid and feel that it makes the polish look a lot cheaper. The normal polishes have black lids which look so much better.

Have you tried this before?


21 August 2012

The Shop At Number 57 // Ampersand Cross Stitch

ampersand cross stick 1 ampersand cross stick 2 ampersand cross stick 3 ampersand cross stick 4 ampersand

I haven't done cross stitch for years so what made me decide to all of a sudden order a pattern, I have no idea. I first saw this particular Ampersand cross stitch on Victoria's blog which led me to the shop, The Shop At Number 57, which is where she got hers from. I love everything they sell and will definitely be buying some more patterns and perhaps a print or two.

This was my first time following a pattern so it took me a couple of rows to get into it and know what I was doing. In the end it only took me two days to finish and I just sewed bits as I was watching a film. The instructions were really easy to follow and it arrived beautifully packaged.


20 August 2012

Top 5 Pastel Nail Polishes

I'm bringing back the Top 5 series I started ages ago and never got any further than the first one, lipsticks. I'm probably going to be posting 2 or 3 a month so they'll be pretty spaced out. I'm not going to be covering everything as I don't have a top 5 for everything. Especially foundations, concealers and bronzer.

Today I'm covering pastel nail polishes and two of these featured in my top 10 nail polishes in April. Although it's only been a few months, my top 10 nail polishes has completely changed and I don't even think I could narrow it down to 10 any more.

top 5 pastel nail polish essie revlon models own
Essie Mint Candy Apple // Revlon Minted // Models Beth's Blue // Models Own Utopia // Revlon Lilac Pastelle. 


19 August 2012

Week In Photos 100

week in photos 100 10 week in photos 100 9 week in photos 100 8 week in photos 100 7 week in photos 100 6 week in photos 100 5 week in photos 100 4 week in photos 100 3 week in photos 100 2 week in photos 100 1
Probably the best delivery ever! // Breakfast sorted // Wearing old favourites // Pigeons taking over the garden // Trying out dupes // Working a doll workshop, this is the one I made // Trying out puffed pancakes for the first time // Adding to my little collection cupboard // Moving things around on my photo wall // And adding to it.


17 August 2012

Week In Photos 099

week in photos 099 10 week in photos 099 9 week in photos 099 8 week in photos 099 7 week in photos 099 6 week in photos 099 5 week in photos 099 4 week in photos 099 3 week in photos 099 2 week in photos 099 1 week in photos 100 12 week in photos 100 11
Afternoon spent in the garden reading with the cat // New dvd player, running shoes & owl jumper // Pretty flowers // Bargain Orly polishes in TKmaxx // Dragonfly in the garden // More flowers in the garden // Courgette bread with homegrown courgettes // Brothers birthday & Krispy Kremes. 


16 August 2012

Empty Nail Polish Bottles

nail polish depotting 2 nail polish depotting 1
Last month I posted about depotting some of my nail polishes into bottles that I'd finished. I still had a couple more polishes that I wanted to depot but no empty bottles left. After a quick look on ebay I found a pack of 5 empty polish bottles for only £3.20 so I bought two lots. They took about 12 days to arrive but they did come all the way from China.

Despite being incredibly cheap the brushes are actually really good quality. They're even better than some brands like the old style Essie. These are 5ml bottles as I wanted something much smaller than the usual 10ml or even 15ml and I know I'll be able to finish them before they go gloopy.

If you're looking for empty bottles for creating your own polishes, frankening, then you can get larger one's from other sellers. I really like how these look and I'll definitely be ordering some more. I might even have a go at making my own colours!

Have you had a go at creating a franken polish?


15 August 2012

Glossybox August 2012

DSC_0336 DSC_0337 DSC_0338 DSC_0339 DSC_0340 DSC_0341 DSC_0342 DSC_0343 DSC_0344
I really wasn't expecting this months Glossybox* when it arrived yesterday! I thought it would be posted out in at least a week so it was a great surprise. I think this is one of their best and there's only one product I don't like but the others make up for it. This is their international box with products from all over the world.

Pro White Original - The tips of my nails are badly stained at the moment so this couldn't have come at a better time. I need to have a look on the website to see how you actually use it but hopefully it'll be able to make my nails look a bit better. Anything nails related will always be a favourite in beauty boxes for me! This one's from Germany.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - Although I've read so many reviews on oil cleansers I've never actually tried one before so I can't wait to give this one a go. This one is from Japan.

All For Eve Eve's Balm - I love multi purpose balms like this and this one smells great. I love the packaging too and with the mirror it means it'll be great to keep in my bag.

Vera Valenti L’ombre a Paupiere Maragrita - This is the one product which I'm not a fan of. The packaging looks cheap and the shadows aren't pigmented at all. I found it very hard to pick up any colour with a brush. This one's from Spain.

Lipcote - I was very excited to see this in the box as I've haven't tried it before or anything similar to it. Also nice to see a UK brand in the box too.

Glossybox Lipstick In Glossy Pink - This is actually a really nice lipstick which surprised me. It's a lovely everyday pink shade, glossy and nicely pigmented. The packaging is quite nice as well.

What did you think of this months box?

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