Week In Photos 097

week in photos 097 1 week in photos 097 2 week in photos 097 3 week in photos 097 4 week in photos 097 5 week in photos 097 6 week in photos 097 7 week in photos 097 8 week in photos 097 9 week in photos 097 10 week in photos 097 11 week in photos 097 12 week in photos 097 13 week in photos 097 14 week in photos 097 15 week in photos 097 16 week in photos 097 17 week in photos 097 18 Crazy clouds // Breakfast in the post // Going bare nails for a month // More temporary tattoos // Loved the feather one // Shaytards salad // Nice light coming from the shed // Courgettes are growing! // Teasing grumps with a courgette flower // Asda now sells my favourite biscuits // First homegrown courgette has been picked and ate // DIY post coming soon // Cute mini roses // Currently reading and loving // More storm clouds // Very faint but double rainbow // Mini bunting // Keeping me company while at my desk. 

 001 My laptops been broken for about a week now, the fan's stopped working so it overheats in like 2 minutes so I can't use it. It's being repaired this week so it means I'm stuck using my mum and dad's desktop computer which is incredibly slow. Every programme just seems to make the computer freeze even simply opening google makes is freeze. Trying to edit these photos on photoshop was a complete nightmare. It's taken me an hour to get this post up but I can usually do my Week In Photos post in like 15 minutes on my own laptop.

 002 I feel like I haven't been very active in the blogging world and have hardly been on twitter. Instead I've been reading a lot, crafting and thinking of DIY's to do, deciding on a new desk/blogging area and watching Gossip Girl from the beginning.


  1. OMG i used to LOVE those biccies as a kid, but for life of me can not remember their name, what they called again? Also I see asda now stock vice versus as well xx

    1. The one's I can get from Asda are marching panda but I've seen other names for them in different shops, they were in the world food isle. Will have to see if mine has vice versus :) xx

  2. I got one of those breakfast bars too, loved it so much! I went down to Tescos but couldn't find them, they must not have them in yet! :(


  3. the photos are lovely :D I love when bloggers post everyday photos,it´s so personal and beautiful!


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