Joliebox: June 2012 Edition

This months Joliebox is their one year anniversary box and it's actually my first box since they switched over from Boudoir Prive. As it's their 1st birthday they've gone back to their roots and all products are from French brands. This is also the first box which is customised using the beauty profiles. This would have been great if the boxes hadn't got messed up by the shipping company. Hopefully next month this will actually work out though.

Firstly how amazing is the packaging! As soon as I saw the two different options I had my fingers crossed I'd get this particular one and I'm so happy I did. The illustrations are gorgeous.
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Yon-ka Pamplemousse Protective & Vitaliing Cream - Due to the mix up of boxes I got the normal to oily skin version which is a paint but not the end of the world. I'm sure it'll still work fine though. It's also a great size to try it out properly. I love the fruity scent.

Institut Esthederm UV inCellium Spray - This spray is a pre-tanning treatment to boost the skin's natural defences and ensures a long-lasting tan. My skin is very pale and I just do not tan so I'm intrigued to see if this will work for me. We just need to nice weather now! While I'm typing this it's pouring down so not much hope there!

L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream - This is the second face moisturiser in the box so I would have preferred either a hair care product or body moisturiser. Again this is a great size, smells really nice and feels like it'll be a nice moisturiser. I've liked all L'Occitane products I've tried so I have high hopes.

Elysambre Lipstick - This is the one product which has let the box down for me. I found it almost impossible to open the lipstick in the first place! The only way to open it was by using my teeth. I also don't really like the colour. I would have much preferred the nail oil or a different shade of lipstick.

A little extra is the Joliebox nail file which I wont be using, cannot stand the feel of filing my nails, but it's a nice touch.

Did you get this months box? What did you think?


  1. Great stuff u got this month! :)


  2. wow, the the packaging is so adorable! it's a shame (in my opinion!) that the stuff isn't that amazing!

    lots of love,

    lily from red brick lipstick

  3. This is a brilliant box this month, I really like the look of the Institut stuff.


  4. I got he same packaging as you and am really pleased with that. Not too impressed by the products though :( I got the normal to dry skin moisturiser and have oily skin and am not impressed by having two facial moisturisers. I received a mascara instead of the lipstick so look forward to giving that a try x

    1. oh no, is there anyone you can swap with who has dry skin but got the oily version? That's what I've done. I would have preferred a mascara as I'm quite fussy with my lip colours :) xx


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