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jackson pollock style splatter nails notd nail polish art 1 jackson pollock style splatter nails notd nail polish art 3 jackson pollock style splatter nails notd nail polish art 2 I decided to give splatter nails ago after seeing them on Chalkboard Nails. My favourite is this one with white, gold, red and black on a grey base. If only I didn't give my gold polish away I could have tried it. It could work with silver though? I'm also thinking what would happen if you tried to use a glitter polish?

The key to this is taping your fingers so there is only a little bit of clean up at the end. You look a bit weird, check my week in photos post, but it's a life saver. It also definitely depends on which polishes you use. I found thinner one's didn't work so well. Pick polishes that only need one or two coats, they tend to work better.

For this particular one I used Essie Mint Candy Apple as the base then Avon Licorice* and Models Own Snow White for the splatter. I did try to add Revlon Minted but it didn't work. You can probably see a few splotches of it but I found it wouldn't splatter. I also added Essie's Matte About You which I much prefer, it just looks so much better matte. I also found that this made it easier to photograph.

If you want to know how to do this nail art you can follow Meg's video.


  1. AW these are so cute :) think I'm going to have to give these a go! xx

  2. Looks brilliant, and messy :) x


  3. These look *amazing*!! And the colours you used make it look like marble! Defo trying out this now!



  4. This is so cool, I love it! x


  5. they are awesome. i used to love doing jackson pollock studies in art because they were so easy!

  6. absolutely love this trend! but maybe i'm biased because I adore Pollock :)

  7. uh uh uh, really pretty, you always have this nice tips, thank you for sharing :)


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