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I haven't created a post of images that I find inspiring for such a long time! I usually just stick to tumblr but thought I'd compile one for this blog on occasion. The majority of these are from Graduate Fashion Week's tumblr as it was GFW last month and I just found them really inspiring. I've also included a couple at the end from one of my own projects as I was going through my old sketchbooks the other day.

I specialised in fashion textiles for my Art Foundation degree and if I had gone to university I would have loved to create something as good as the images below. I also love how the second photo is laid out with the drawings above the outfits.

Artist Tomya Mateo - Art & Fashion Graduate from Dominican Republic.

Fine Arts at the School of design Altos de Chav√≥n, Dominican Republic & Fashion + Textile Design at the University of Palermo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
This photo was taken backstage at Graduate Fashion Week 2011

Photos above are from the Graduate Fashion Week tumblr page
The photos above are from my final major project for Foundation 

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