Depotting Nail Polishes

I was sorting through my polishes so I could give the one's I didn't want to my cousins when I saw them last month. I had a couple that I hadn't used for ages but didn't want to give them away. I have a large collection but hate to see unused polishes going gloopy so I decided to pour them into mini bottles that were empty and then pass the remaining polish to my cousins.

It's really simple to do and actually quite fun, well I thought it was. Once you've finished your nail polish, pour some nail polish remover into it, close the lid and give it a shake. Depending on the colour or how empty it was, you may have to do this a couple of times. I found Essie's Topless & Barefoot was really easy to clean but found shimmers like Coat Azure were harder. Once the bottles are clean you can either leave them to dry with the lids off or dry them off with a cotton bud which is what I did.

Then simply choose your nail polish and pour it into the bottles. You could even go onto making little labels for them but I just decided to leave them as they are. In my blog/nails book I've written down which polishes I've depotted into which bottles. Now I still have the polishes but in a much small bottle which I know I'll use.

If you didn't want to re-use old nail polish bottles or don't have any minis then you can buy empty bottles on Ebay. I've ordered these 5ml bottles as I wanted some more but wasn't sure when I'm going to finish another mini.

The polishes I've depotted are OPI glow up already, OPI do you lilac it?, H&M sea pearly, OPI don't know jacques, W7 orange dazzle.
depotting nail polish 3 depotting nail polish 2 depotting nail polish 1


  1. Great idea! This would be awesome for sharing expensive bottles of nailpolish as well.

  2. This is such a neat idea! What a great way to use up what you already have and share them :)


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