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A bit of a different post today about how I organise my blog and posts. I only started writing down and actually planning blog posts a head of time about six months ago but it's made a huge difference. I've found that I actually blog more often as I can see how many gaps I have and when I should post certain things.  I've posted pretty much every day this year and wouldn't have been able to do it without the calender. It's also a lifesaver when working full time as you can see what posts are planned for the upcoming week and take all the photos the weekend before. This is especially helpful in the winter when it gets dark at like 4pm and you don't finish work till 5pm.

I use the google calendar on my email account as it's free and I find I actually use it unlike diaries which I usually forget about. It also means that if you need to switch around some posts it isn't going to look a mess with lots of crossing out. Finally, it allows me to see the whole month instead of just week by week.

I have a couple of series on my blog which are highlighted in a different colour and then everything else is grey. I post NOTD's every Monday and Thursday which are pink.You can set it up so it repeats through out the year which is what I've done, saves you writing it out over and over again. I post my Week In Photos every Sunday which are in peach. I also post a monthly favourites and empties at the end of the month which are purple. If I have any events, giveaways or anything else that isn't a blog post, that'll be green. 

Once I write a blog post in the calender it doesn't mean it's dead set. I even moved around a few posts while I was writing this post! Also I guess the date for some blog posts like Glossybox and Jolie Box as I'm not 100% sure when they're going to arrive. I just like to write them in ahead of time so I don't forget about them. 

This is a really easy and quick thing to do but it really does help! Do you do something like this for your blog? Are you going to start?


  1. I've never really thought about it at all, but it's a brilliant way to do it.
    While I might not start being that organised about my blog, it's definitely made me realise I should colour coded my other commitments and get organised.

  2. This looks very organised! I use one of those virtual post it notes on my macbook dashboard for my blogging schedule :) xx

  3. Oh my, that's called ORGANISATION! Thumbs up for being an actually organised blogger:) x

  4. Oh this is brilliant! Need to do something about better blog organisation

  5. Such a clever idea! I never thought of using Google Calendar for that but it makes a lot of sense. :)

  6. Omg, I seriously admire how organised you are!

    p.s. Nice job on your new layout :)


  7. Brilliant idea, I think I need to start doing somethings like this. I only post once a week although I'd like to do more often, just need to get myself organised. Great post and love your layout :) x

  8. That is such a good idea! Great organisation skills!


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