Week In Photos 090

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001 A little garden/veg update! After a horrible week of rain, I was able to plant my veg on Sunday and my parents managed to sort the garden out. Although the garden isn't completely rid of weeds and unwanted plants yet, it's looking so much better already. I've had to go out on slug hunts each night this week as the weathers been so bad! Not fun going out in the rain at 11pm with a torch looking for slugs and snails but it has to be done. Don't want my plants eaten!

002 My courgettes are now outside in their buckets full time but have been eaten a little bit by some sort of bug. I've moved them to somewhere different in the garden so hopefully that'll stop. Other than that, there's been lots of male flowers growing but no female yet!

003 Last Sunday I bought a tomato plant again from a car boot sale and that's been planted now. A couple of the flowers have opened up so hopefully tomatoes will start growing soon.

004 The peppers and cucumbers have finally gotten big enough to go outside and have been planted into the soil. I think the cucumbers may start to flower soon but aren't big enough for any fruit yet.


  1. Those scones looks delicious.
    I love your countdown board! x


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