Washi Tape: Round Two

washi tape round 2 3 washi tape round 2 4 washi tape round 2 2 washi tape round 2 1 washi tape gift tags diy craft I decided it was about time I ordered myself some more washi tape as I absolutely love the three I originally ordered. I've used them so much and really enjoying being really creative in how I use them. I also used the code SNC12 to get 10% off, I'm not sure how long it's valid for but it's worth giving a try if you're going to order some. I order mine from Washitapes.co.uk and their shipping is great! My order arrived the day after I placed it!

I went for a mixture of patterns and colours as the three I already have are all greys. I wanted something a bit more summery and I love them all. I particularly love the mint green which has quickly become my favourite colour at the moment and the peach.

I quickly made some gift tags to go with the lovefilm gift cards I'm sending to the two winners. Just an example of what you can do with Washi tape. Although there a million other things you can do ...


  1. I need some of these in my life, I have no clue what I'd use them for but I know I'll find something! Xo

  2. I recognise my gift card on there! Ooo I feel all special now :) I was contemplating getting some as I thought it was a really nice idea for how to use them, so I think I will be making the most of that discount! xo

    1. I hope the discount code still works! :) xx


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