Pure Potions Skin Salvation

Since my eczema flared up again a couple of years ago, I've been trying lots of different lotions and potions to control it and hopefully make it go away. Recently I've also been trying to avoid using steroid creams if at all possible.

I ordered this skin salve from Pure Potions last year after a friend showed me an article about it and decided to give it a go. I used it for a bit but then Lush's Dream Cream really helped with my skin so this was put to the back of my skin care cupboard.

My eczema decided to flare up again on my arms a few weeks ago so thought I'd give this another try and it's worked really well. It hasn't made my eczema disappear completely, I haven't found a cream to do this yet apart from a steroid cream, but it's really helped keep it under control.
pure potions skin salvation 2
It's a really thick salve which I apply each night to any affected areas before bed. I make sure I apply it when I'm wearing my pj's as it says it can stain clothes if used often. I haven't noticed any staining but I still do it anyway. The scent isn't horrible but I don't like it. You can't smell it once it's on the skin though so I just try to ignore it!

It really helps to calm the skin if it's itchy which is particularly good for me as I tend to itch my skin while I sleep. A long top and a layer of this means I'm less likely to. It sinks in really well and quickly despite how thick it is.

My only gripe about the salve, apart from the scent, is that I hate getting it out of the jar. It ends up going under my nail and it's not very hygienic. Especially when dealing with eczema which can easily be infected. I use a clean cotton bud to get some out but would prefer it a tube or something.
pure potions skin salvation 1
You can buy the salve in three different sizes, 120ml for £18.99, 60ml for £12.99 and 30ml for £7.99. It works out cheaper to buy the larger size but like I did, if you're trying this for the first time I'd get the smaller one. It's also a good size for traveling if you do like it.

Have you tried this? Do you suffer from eczema?


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