Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream In No.13

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I really enjoy using tinted moisturisers instead of foundation so I thought I'd try out a bb cream which stands for blemish balm and is very popular in Asia. There are so many brands that sell bb creams but I ended up going for one from Missha as Alix wrote a post about it and the colour seemed like it would be a pretty good match for me.

I bought the smaller size, 20ml, to try it out first as it was only £6.95 so if I didn't like it, I'm not wasting too much money. Even though it came all the way from South Korea it arrived really quickly. I think it took around ten days.

As far as shades go, there's only three and the lightest shade, milky beige #13, is perfect for my very pale skin. Obviously this isn't going to cater for everyones skin tone but I'm really glad this suits me. I have a really hard time finding the right colours as usually the lightest shade is still too dark.

I've tried using various brushes but I find the easiest way to apply this is with my fingers. It makes it so much easier to blend into the skin and also warms up the product slightly. A big bonus to this is that it's quite moisturising which is perfect for my very dry skin and therefore leaves your skin looking dewy. I really like this but those with oily skin may want to powder. This isn't going to give you full coverage like a foundation but it evens out my skin tone really nicely which is probably my biggest problem, I have several patches of redness. This would also be a great product to take on holiday as it's so easy to apply.

It's quite heavily scent, which smells really nice, but I know this could irritate some people. I haven't had any problems though and my skin is quite sensitive.

I bought mine from this seller on Ebay and didn't have any problems. Overall I'm really impressed with my first bb cream! I'm tempted to try a different one once I've finished this tube but I'll come back to this one if it doesn't compare. Have you tried a bb cream before?


  1. When I bought this I loved it and I hated the Garnier BB cream. I quickly decided that its actually too thick for me and that I prefer the Garnier one which I now use all the time. I wish that I could have the consistency of the Garnier one in the shade range that Missha does though! x

  2. ooh I haven't tried the Garnier one! Will have to have a look at it next time I'm in Boots :) xx

  3. I use Missha Signature BB cream, I believe it's basically like this Perfect Cover one but it's for those with more oily skin. I really like the dewy finish and the coverage it gives, except the colour match isn't perfect (I use #23, but the lighter one would definitely be too light for me).

  4. I'm currently using the Garnier one but I'm thinking of trying the Maybelline one when I've run out. :) x


  5. Nice! My bestfriend just gave this one to me. She got it from Singapore and it's really just perfect.

  6. I personally love this BB cream and couldn't stand the Garnier one! Not only was it too dark for me (even the lightest shade applied with a very light hand) buy it had a weird consistency that just did nothing for me.


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