June 2012 Empties

june 2012 empties 2
Barefoot SOS Scalp Treatment Shampoo* - This is probably one of my favourite all time shampoos as it really sorted out the eczema on my scalp. The conditioner isn't that impressive but if you've have a itchy/dry/eczema prone scalp I'd definitely recommend giving this a go. It took about 6 washes to notice a real difference in how my scalp felt. I wont be buying this at the moment because I've just bought a giant bottle of shampoo from Bedhead but will pick up another bottle in the future.

Liz Earle Conditioner* - This works so well with the Barefoot shampoo and makes my fair feel amazing! The tube has lasted a really long time as you need a small amount even if you have long hair like me. Luckily I have another tube so I wont need to buy a new one just yet.

Aveeno Lavender Moisturiser* - I'm not a fan of the scent as the lavender really doesn't mix well with the oat scent. A part from this it's a really great moisturiser that particularly works well when my eczema flares up. Again, I have another tube or two so wont need to buy another one at the moment.

Noble Isle Shower Gel* - I loved this shower gel so much but I can't justify spending £20 on the full size as much as I want to.

V05 Miracle Concentrate - It's not often I finished a hair product and immediately go out and buy a new bottle but I did for this one. This leaves my hair feeling really soft and not so frizzy. Also no matter how much I apply, I don't find it leaves my hair oily like some other oils. This is also the only product I actually apply to my hair at the moment.
june 2012 empties 1
OPI Thanks So Muchness - I really liked this shimmery red but I'm pretty sure it stained my nails which I really hate. I don't wear reds too often so I wont be buying the full size.

Orly Polishield - I really need to pick up the full size of this topcoat ASAP! It's the best one I've tried and makes my nail polish last a really long time. It also leaves your nails feeling like they're a gel manicure and really glossy. You can buy this mini bottle from boots for £5 if you're interested in trying it but don't want to buy the full size.

Madara Tinting Fluid - This was an ok tinted moisturiser but the colour was so wrong for me, way too dark. I'm pretty sure this is only available in two shades, moon flower which is the lightest and the one I have and sun flower. This is one I definitely wont be buying.

L'Occitane Rose Shower Gel* - I really loved this shower gel and used it up so quickly! I also really like the packaging too. I don't think I'll be buying a full size though as my Weleda rose shower gel is very moisturising which works better with my dry skin.

Carmex Lip Balm - I used to be obsessed with this lip balm when I first bought it years ago but now it's sort of been forgotten about since trying others. I've been keeping this by my bedside table and using at night to try and finish it. I've got another tube of carmex so wont need to pick up another.

Barry M Toffee Lip Gloss - This lip gloss was raved about when I first started blogging but I can't see the hype at all. I love the formulation but the colour really doesn't suit me. This wont be a repurchase as there are other Barry M lip glosses that I love.


  1. Great post, I've seen a few mixed reviews of that Liz Earle conditioner but think I'll give it a go at some point :) How does the Orly topcoat compare with Seche Vite? x


    1. For some reason the LE conditioner doesn't work too well with their own shampoo but with others it works great. I really hated Seche Vite, I found it made my polish bubble and peel off immediately. I can't rave about Orly's topcoat enough :) xx


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