Glossybox: June 2012 Edition

glossybox june 2012 box 1 glossybox june 2012 box 2 glossybox june 2012 box 3 glossybox june 2012 box 5 glossybox june 2012 box 4 glossybox june 2012 box 6 glossybox june 2012 box 7 glossybox june 2012 box 8 glossybox june 2012 box 9 glossybox june 2012 box 10 This months Glossybox* is their sexy summer box full of products to get you beach ready! I really like this box and luckily for me I didn't get any skin care in mine. I'm not a fan of getting skin care in beauty boxes as I know what I like and what works for me. Everything else I'm happy to get in them, including perfume samples! Although not really that important, I really like the design of the product card.

Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick - I've heard a lot about this foundation so was excited to see it in the box. Luckily this sample should cover a lot of different skin tones and I'm hoping at least one or two will suit my pale skin. As I'm really not into heavy foundations I'll be using this as a concealer. The full size costs £19.00 for 12g.

Paul Mitchel The Conditioner - Again, this is another brand I've heard about but not tried anything from. The conditioner is a leave-in moisturiser which you use on damp hair. It's bright blue and the texture is quite thick and reminds me of gel which makes me think you only need a tiny amount. I can't for the life of me pin point or describe the scent but it is quite strong. The full size costs £12.25 for 300ml.

HD Brow Tweezers - This is what I was most excited about! I've never used expensive tweezers before, the ones I'm currently using are from a Models Own promotion. They worked really well with the few hairs I've just plucked but I'm not sure if these work a lot better considering the £19.99 price mark. Maybe the price is for how long they last and stay sharp compared to cheaper ones??

BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer - This is a really good sized sample considering mineral products last for such a long time. This bronzer has a slight sheen to it which is really nice for the summer but perhaps not for those with oily skin. I'm always a bit scared of using bronzer as I'm so pale so I'm going to be using it as an eye shadow. It's a really nice peachy gold bronze shade this way. The full size costs £8.00 for 4g.

Glossybox Pro Beauty Brush - I haven't used this yet as I like to wash make-up brushes before using them for the first time but it looks a nice shape. It could be used for powder, blush or bronzer. The bristles are a little scratchy which I'm hoping will lessen once I wash it. This brush costs £15.00.

Have you gotten this months box? What did you think of the products inside?


  1. I really liked this month's box - especially after the awful Anniversary box! I got a few different products to you, but you can see mine here:

    I also thought the brush was a little scratchy so I did clean it using the MAC brush cleaner and its sorted them out a little bit!

    Kate xx


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