EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm

So I caved and finally bought an EOS lip balm after seeing so many American youtubers and bloggers raving about them. I decided to go with the summer fruit version as I thought it would smell nice and I really liked the colour of the packaging. Although saying that, all of them sound like they smell nice and I like the colours. EOS summer fruit lip balm ebay 2 EOS summer fruit lip balm ebay 1 It's not a ground breaking lip balm, it isn't my favourite of all time, but it is really good. It tastes nice and does a good job at moisturising the lips. It's also quite thin so makes a really nice base for lip sticks. I've used it several times every day since I got it and I've only made a small dent in it so it looks like it'll last a long time. I also really like the summer fruit scent!

I bought mine from Ebay which I know some people are wary about buying cosmetics from but if you're sensible, have a look at the feedback score and photos/information you'll be ok. The seller I bought mine from is from the UK, has a 100% feedback score and is a top rated seller. I ordered on the 14th and it arrived on the 16th!


  1. I was suckered into buying this variety 'cause of the colour of the packaging and the promising sounding smell! I think the Honeysuckle Honeydew is better though, moisturewise x

  2. Oh my god I've seen these so much on Miss Glamorazzi! How much did you buy it for, and was the P&P expensive? I just like them for the shape! I only use tins at the moment but I find it annoying sometimes having vaseline residue on my fingers, but I don't really like chapsticks, so this would be perfect for me I think :)



    1. The lip balm is £3.95 and postage is 75p so it's not that much more than what you'd pay in America. Also the seller is from the UK so I knew there wouldn't be a problem with shipping :) xx

  3. Very tempted to buy one of these to try out - have used EOS lip balms in the past and think a summer fruit one would be fab :) x


  4. If you can find the mint or lemon those are definitely the best ;) I found all of mine at Walgreens. They seem to be everywhere

  5. The summer fruit is super tasty! If you have a chance the mint and lemon flavors are scrumptious too! Most Walgreens carry them for about 3.50 I think.


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