Avon Nailwear Pro+ In Pastel Pink, Romance & Licorice

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Pastel Pink* is exactly as the name suggests! For me, this shade of baby pink suits my skin tone a lot better than say OPI's Mod About You which I used to own. The pigmentation is also great for a baby pink polish! The first coat is pretty streaky but the third evens it out completely. Normally three coats would put me off a polish but for a pastel pink that's pretty good.

Romance* is a dusky mauve with bright pink shimmer and has a metallic finish. Because of it's metallic finish, brush strokes are much more noticeable which doesn't particularly bother me but I know it does for some people. This needed two coats to become opaque and dried really quickly.

Licorice* is a creme black that looks great on short nails. It's not a summer colour but is perfect for adding bits of nail art to a summer look. I only have one other black in my collection from Barry M and I much prefer this one. Only two coats are needed and it dries really glossy.

I really like the brushes of these polishes, they remind me of Essence and what I wished the new Essie was like. At the moment all the nailwear pro+ polishes are on offer for £2.50. That's saving £3.50 and basically buy one get one free.


  1. I'm not a big fan of Romance, mainly cos I'm lucky if I can paint straight with my dominant hand. When I paint with my non-dominant had it looks like an attempt at nail art gone hideously wrong!

  2. Really like the look of all three polishes, I've never tried an Avon polish but may have to have a little look on their website :) x



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