30 June 2012

June 2012 Empties

june 2012 empties 2
Barefoot SOS Scalp Treatment Shampoo* - This is probably one of my favourite all time shampoos as it really sorted out the eczema on my scalp. The conditioner isn't that impressive but if you've have a itchy/dry/eczema prone scalp I'd definitely recommend giving this a go. It took about 6 washes to notice a real difference in how my scalp felt. I wont be buying this at the moment because I've just bought a giant bottle of shampoo from Bedhead but will pick up another bottle in the future.

Liz Earle Conditioner* - This works so well with the Barefoot shampoo and makes my fair feel amazing! The tube has lasted a really long time as you need a small amount even if you have long hair like me. Luckily I have another tube so I wont need to buy a new one just yet.

Aveeno Lavender Moisturiser* - I'm not a fan of the scent as the lavender really doesn't mix well with the oat scent. A part from this it's a really great moisturiser that particularly works well when my eczema flares up. Again, I have another tube or two so wont need to buy another one at the moment.

Noble Isle Shower Gel* - I loved this shower gel so much but I can't justify spending £20 on the full size as much as I want to.

V05 Miracle Concentrate - It's not often I finished a hair product and immediately go out and buy a new bottle but I did for this one. This leaves my hair feeling really soft and not so frizzy. Also no matter how much I apply, I don't find it leaves my hair oily like some other oils. This is also the only product I actually apply to my hair at the moment.
june 2012 empties 1
OPI Thanks So Muchness - I really liked this shimmery red but I'm pretty sure it stained my nails which I really hate. I don't wear reds too often so I wont be buying the full size.

Orly Polishield - I really need to pick up the full size of this topcoat ASAP! It's the best one I've tried and makes my nail polish last a really long time. It also leaves your nails feeling like they're a gel manicure and really glossy. You can buy this mini bottle from boots for £5 if you're interested in trying it but don't want to buy the full size.

Madara Tinting Fluid - This was an ok tinted moisturiser but the colour was so wrong for me, way too dark. I'm pretty sure this is only available in two shades, moon flower which is the lightest and the one I have and sun flower. This is one I definitely wont be buying.

L'Occitane Rose Shower Gel* - I really loved this shower gel and used it up so quickly! I also really like the packaging too. I don't think I'll be buying a full size though as my Weleda rose shower gel is very moisturising which works better with my dry skin.

Carmex Lip Balm - I used to be obsessed with this lip balm when I first bought it years ago but now it's sort of been forgotten about since trying others. I've been keeping this by my bedside table and using at night to try and finish it. I've got another tube of carmex so wont need to pick up another.

Barry M Toffee Lip Gloss - This lip gloss was raved about when I first started blogging but I can't see the hype at all. I love the formulation but the colour really doesn't suit me. This wont be a repurchase as there are other Barry M lip glosses that I love.


29 June 2012

June 2012 Favourites

june 2012 favourites
Soap & Glory Hand Gel - I picked this up the other week and it came in so handy when I was in London last weekend and on the tube. A part from it working well as a hand sanitiser it smells amazing! It's also the perfect size for my hand bag.

Mint Nail Polish - I've basically only been wearing these two polishes this whole month (and last month) and that's quite strange for me. I usually never apply a polish twice let alone for a whole month. I prefer the colour of Revlon Minted but the formula of Essie Mint Candy Apple.

Caudalie SOS Serum* - I've completely fallen in love with this serum and actually bought the full size last weekend. It's actually the first product I've bought from trying a sample in a beauty box.

EOS Lip Balm - I think I've used this every day since I bought it! I love the smell and it works wonders.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - This is definitely my favourite concealer that I've tried so far and it's a perfect match for my pale skin. If you've struggled to find the right colour for you and have very pale skin give the lightest shade a go.

L'Oreal Caresse Lipstick In Dating Coral - I think this is another product I've used every day, or near enough, since I bought it. It's the perfect every day colour and is very moisturising.

What are your June favourites?


28 June 2012

London June 2012

london june 2012 visit 25 london june 2012 visit 24 london june 2012 visit 26 london june 2012 visit 23 london june 2012 visit 22 london june 2012 visit 21 london june 2012 visit 20 london june 2012 visit 19 london june 2012 visit 18 london june 2012 visit 17 london june 2012 visit 16 london june 2012 visit 15 london june 2012 visit 14 london june 2012 visit 13 london june 2012 visit 12 london june 2012 visit 11 london june 2012 visit 10 london june 2012 visit 9 london june 2012 visit 8 london june 2012 visit 7 london june 2012 visit 6 london june 2012 visit 5 london june 2012 visit 4 london june 2012 visit 3 london june 2012 visit 2 london june 2012 visit 1


27 June 2012

Barefoot Rosa Fina Lip Salve

barefoot rose lipbalm mypure 3 barefoot rose lipbalm mypure 2 barefoot rose lipbalm mypure 1
Barefoot Rosa Fina Lip Salve* £12.95

Out of all the lip balms I've tried, and I've tried a lot, this one from Barefoot has the weirdest texture. As you can see from the bottom photo it's full of bubbles and has a gel-like texture. I haven't tried anything or own anything like it. A little bit goes a long way and once on the lips it almost turns into an oil. It feels quite thin when applied but still very moisturising.

Because of it's thin consistency and gloss finish it's not the type of lip balm to use underneath a lipstick. Instead you'd either use it on bare lips or over the top of lipsticks that may otherwise be too dry to use.

I love the rose scent but I can't smell the cardamon that they say it is also scented with. I don't know if that's just because the rose is the overpowering scent and/or I haven't got a very good sense of smell.

The only negative thing about this lip balm is the packaging. Every time I squeeze some out to use I get way too much product. It would work better in packaging like the Barefoot Rose Eye Serum.


26 June 2012

Week In Photos 092

week in photos 092 9 week in photos 092 7 week in photos 092 1 week in photos 092 8 week in photos 092 6 week in photos 092 4 week in photos 092 3 week in photos 092 2 week in photos 092 5
Birthday breakfast // Presents // Ikea buys // ASOS order // Curling my hair // Nail polishes for my cousins // Homemade smoothies in starbucks cups // London times.


25 June 2012

London Travel Bag

london travel bag 2 london travel bag 1 london travel bag 4 london travel bag 3
I've been to London for the past three days so thought I'd show you what I took in my travel bag. When I'm going to London I never normally pack this much. I usually just take a cleanser, moisturiser and mascara but it was my cousins 18th so I needed to take a few more products. I managed to fit everything, apart from my eyeshadow palette, into a fairly compact make-up bag. I also didn't pack a couple of things like moisturiser as I bought them when I got there on the Saturday as I'd just ran out.

I wasn't sure which Naked palette to take with me as I wanted to use several colours in #2 but I use Naked, the actual eyeshadow, for my brow colour. In the end I took #2 and ELF's brow kit. After taking this photo I realised I hadn't included a mascara but I took Rimmel's Glam'eyes. For eyeprimer I took Urban Decay Sin as it's been a bit neglected lately as well as their eyeliner duo.

I've sort of fallen in love with Benefits Porefessional which I wasn't expecting even though everyone's been raving about it so that had to be taken. Along with Missha BB cream which I reviewed last week and Collection concealer. For cheeks I took Liz Earle's new blush in nectar*.

For lips it had to be my EOS lip balm which has become my new favourite and I take everywhere with me. For the day time I used L'Oreal Caresse in Dating Coral and then for night I wore Lord & Berry Vintage Pink lipstick.

The few extras were Essie Mint Candy Apple for touch ups over the week, Liz Earle Spot On, Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and muslin cloth, L'Occitane hand cream and tweezers.

Looking at everything all laid out it looks a lot but I thought I did quite well! I'm always an over packer even on a day to day basis I carry so much with me.


22 June 2012

Essence Nail Polishes

essence nail polish
I've wanted some Essence nail polishes, in particular Blue Addicted, for quite a while now after reading various nail blogs but it's a brand that's pretty hard to find in the UK. My parents went to Croatia last month so I asked if they could find me some and they did! I picked four colours that are pretty unique and that I didn't already have and another my mum bought because she thought I'd like it. These are little mini 5ml bottles which are so cute! I'm pretty sure you can buy larger versions.

Despite being mini they have a really great brush which is what I hoped the new Essie brush would be like. I chose the colours Blue Addicted ( Deborah Lippmann dupe),Where Is the Party?, Time For Romance, Just In Case and Gold Fever. I'll be posting NOTD's of these over the next few weeks so look out for them!


21 June 2012

Eyeko Indigo - NOTD

eyeko indigo nail polish notd 3 eyeko indigo nail polish notd 2 eyeko indigo nail polish notd 1 Eyeko's Indigo is a indigo which leans more on the blue side and has a electric blue shimmer running through it. Only two coats are needed and as with all Eyeko polishes, each layer dries really quickly. I really like wearing this under OPI's Last Friday Night which makes it look amazing.

When Eyeko re-branded they stopped selling the nail polishes which, in my opinion, were their best products. You can still pick them up on Ebay but a good dupe for Indigo is Indigo Dazzle from George (Asda). The one from George is just slightly more on the purple side of indigo but they're pretty much identical. The George one also only costs £1.75 so is actually cheaper than Eyeko.


20 June 2012

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream In No.13

missha bb cream number 13 3 missha bb cream number 13 2 missha bb cream number 13 1 missha bb cream number 13 4
I really enjoy using tinted moisturisers instead of foundation so I thought I'd try out a bb cream which stands for blemish balm and is very popular in Asia. There are so many brands that sell bb creams but I ended up going for one from Missha as Alix wrote a post about it and the colour seemed like it would be a pretty good match for me.

I bought the smaller size, 20ml, to try it out first as it was only £6.95 so if I didn't like it, I'm not wasting too much money. Even though it came all the way from South Korea it arrived really quickly. I think it took around ten days.

As far as shades go, there's only three and the lightest shade, milky beige #13, is perfect for my very pale skin. Obviously this isn't going to cater for everyones skin tone but I'm really glad this suits me. I have a really hard time finding the right colours as usually the lightest shade is still too dark.

I've tried using various brushes but I find the easiest way to apply this is with my fingers. It makes it so much easier to blend into the skin and also warms up the product slightly. A big bonus to this is that it's quite moisturising which is perfect for my very dry skin and therefore leaves your skin looking dewy. I really like this but those with oily skin may want to powder. This isn't going to give you full coverage like a foundation but it evens out my skin tone really nicely which is probably my biggest problem, I have several patches of redness. This would also be a great product to take on holiday as it's so easy to apply.

It's quite heavily scent, which smells really nice, but I know this could irritate some people. I haven't had any problems though and my skin is quite sensitive.

I bought mine from this seller on Ebay and didn't have any problems. Overall I'm really impressed with my first bb cream! I'm tempted to try a different one once I've finished this tube but I'll come back to this one if it doesn't compare. Have you tried a bb cream before?

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