Today I've Been ...

... finishing off a little DIY project. I've had this frame hanging on my wall without any glass for about 2 years now. After the glass broke I never replaced it as I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it.

I'd been thinking of turning it into a chalkboard after spotting some chalkboard paint in taskers. Then I saw a better one from Ikea so that idea was scrapped.

In the end I just decided to paint it and put some nice things in it. I'm really happy with how it's turned out! I stupidly never took any photos of the frame before I painted it but it was a boring pine frame that didn't match any others I have up in my room. diy painted photo frame art craft 2 diy painted photo frame art craft 1 diy painted photo frame art craft 3
I actually found the backgrounds in various copies of ASOS magazine and are perfect. The black and white photo is a business card I picked up at an exhibition which I really like.

The hearts I made a year or two ago using free embroidery and dissolveable fabric. I've never had a use for them until now. I love the effect and texture they give and I've got a couple more ideas for other photo frames.

Then finally the Pinocchio luggage tag I bought from the Liverpool Design Show a few years ago. Again, anther thing I never really had a use for until now.


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