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Despite it being the beginning of May it's been pretty cold and miserable here. I thought I'd pick up a couple of jumpers to wear round the house and out if it's cold enough. From watching Zoe and Barbara's videos I went straight to the mens section of Primark and it didn't disappoint! I probably could have come out with 10 more jumpers and hoodies and a couple more t-shirts but I restrained myself.

I've wanted a jumper with elbow pads for such a long time but haven't found anything I really liked until I spotted this one. For only £12 it's perfect. I love the little specks of colour too. I don't wear a lot of colour so this is a good way to get just a little bit into an outfit.

Despite loving the Aztec trend so much last year, I only bought one thing so I just had to buy this t-shirt. I bought it in a large size so it's long enough to wear with leggings.

Then the bottom one is just a plain jumper to replace the one I'd just thrown away. I love the colour blocking of the navy and orange/red plus it has a little pocket.
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