Munio Candela Peppermint Green Bath Therapy

Since I was running low on my Lush stash I thought I'd try something a bit different which is the Green Bath Therapy* from Munio Candela. I chose the peppermint one, they also sell a wild flower version, as I really like minty scents.
munio candela green bath therapy peppermint mypure 1 munio candela green bath therapy peppermint mypure 2
It is basically a giant tea bag with the only ingredient being peppermint leaves. You can either place the sachet in 1/2 litre of hot water for 30 minutes then pour into your bath water or simply drop the sachet into your bath while you're running it which is what I chose to do.

You bath will turn the colour of mint tea which doesn't look too appealing but it smells amazing. I've gotten 4 baths out of it so far by letting it dry out on the side of the bath each time. I'll probably be able to get a couple more uses out of it as well.

You can also use the sachet to exfoliate with which I haven't done yet, I'm waiting until it lasts use to do so.
munio candela green bath therapy peppermint mypure 3 munio candela green bath therapy peppermint mypure 4
I really like the concept of the sachet now I've tried it but the price puts me off buying it again. It's £10 for what is essentially a giant tea bag. I think it would work better if the sachets were smaller, like tea bag size, and you got like 5 for £10. Then you wouldn't have to fuss over letting it dry out between baths.

It's also got me thinking could I simply just use a peppermint tea bag from say Twinnings and get the same effect?
Have you tried something like this before?


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