May 2012 Favourites

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Benefit Do Tell Lipstick - Since I depotted some of my lipsticks, I really haven't used the palette so I definitely regretting doing it. Luckily most of them are cheap one's from Natural Collection but there is a couple of Benefit one's in there. I decided to use it more often this month and the one I've used most is Do Tell which is third on the left, bottom row. It's a really nice dark purple pink that suits my pale complexion really well. Although not a particularly summery colour I've still really enjoyed using it.

Models Own Lilac Dream - For some reason I can now get away with only using one coat of this and it looks perfect! This does mean it doesn't last on me very long on it's own but with Orly Polished it'll stay on for a few more days. This now means that I can paint my nails and they'll be dry in 5 mins!

George Indigo Dazzle - This is certainly not a spring or summer colour but I've really been loving it this month. It's a blue- purple duo-chrome and has a really nice bright blue shimmer. It's really hard to take photos of though so I haven't got a NOTD for it yet.

Revlon Minted - Mint is turning into my new favourite colour! I really don't like the formula as it's so watery but it's my favourite mint polish. I've just ordered Mint Candy Apple from the Essie diffusion line so I'm hoping that'll have a nicer formula.

E.L.F Mineral Eyeshadow In Elegant - This is probably one of my favourite shadows! I don't normally like loose pigments but this goes on like a dream and is such a nice colour. I just wear this all over the lid and some mascara and I'm done.

Topshop Coy Lipstick - This lipstick is a bit on the drying side but a bit of lip balm sorts that out. It's such a lovely summer colour! I also really like lipsticks that are in pencil form, I find them so easy to apply and you haven't got to worry about the bullet melting in the sun.

What are your favourites this month?


  1. That revlon polish is so nice, is that the one you told me about on twitter? Have you got a Sallys nr u hun? In there I have gor a couple of their Nina pro polishes and they about £3.99 and actually really really good, mermaid is a real nice minty green with a hint of shimmer in xx xx

    1. Yes this is the one I told you about! I'm not sure you know, I think there might be one near me but I've never been. I'm on a bit of a nail polish ban so I probably shouldn't go haha :) xx

    2. Haha I think I need to go on one of them. :) And noooo do not go in there then ( untill ya ban ends) lol xx

  2. All those nail polishes are gorgeous :) x

  3. Revlon minted look so pretty, must try it out :)

  4. Wonderful favourites lovely! Coy looks stunning! Xoxo


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