Latest In Beauty CEW Beauty Awards 2012 Box

I bought the CEW box last year and really liked it, but this years is even better! I know I'm going to use all the products and probably like them all as well.

The box contains 8 products and costs £8.95 and £2.95 postage. There is one other sample that could be included in your box from Weleda so you could get that instead of one of the one's I got. It's available until stocks last but if you want one I'd get it quickly.
latest in beauty cew 2012 box 8 latest in beauty cew 2012 box 9
latest in beauty cew 2012 box 7
Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner - I've heard a lot about Percy & Reed from blogs but this is the first product I've tried from them. At  first I wasn't sure what a dry conditioner was meant to do or how to use it. Is it still like a dry shampoo and gets rid of grease? Or is it to moisturise the hair without actually washing it? After a bit of google-ing, it's meant to reduce damage from brushing and leaves your hair looking glossy and shiny. It also makes your hair smell really nice too.

Looking forward to giving this a proper try as I've only used it once. It also has a ball bearing in the can which I really like for some strange reason. Feels like I'm using spray paint on my hair!
latest in beauty cew 2012 box 6
Elemis Pro-collagen Body Cream - This is also the first product from Elemis I've tried. This has tiny specks of gold glitter/shimmer to help illuminate the skin. Not something I'd use on an everyday basis but would be nice for a night out or holiday.
latest in beauty cew 2012 box 5
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - This is a favourite of mine so really glad to have another tube! It also comes with a muslin cloth and a sample of each shade of their skin tint which is a nice bonus.
latest in beauty cew 2012 box 4
Benefit Porefessional - This was what I was most excited about trying. After hearing so many rave reviews on blogs it's been on my wishlist for ages. I'm also going to get another sample with next months Glamour magazine. Also how cute is the tiny little tube!
latest in beauty cew 2012 box 3
Nails Inc Porchester Square Nail Polish - This is one of their hero shades and I was glad to see this in the box after Anna raved about it the other day. I haven't had a chance to paint my nails with it yet but it looks pretty good from swatching it on a nail wheel. Usually Nails Inc nail polishes cost around £11 so this is  basically the price of the box with everything else being an added bonus!
latest in beauty cew 2012 box 2
L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Hand Cream - I love L'Occitane hand creams and this one is no exception. It does brighten the skin but not with glitter or shimmer like the Elemis body cream. It just has a slight pearlescent to it. This smells really good too.
latest in beauty cew 2012 box 1
Elie Saab Perfume - This is on my wishlist after getting a sample in the perfume box from Latest In Beauty last year so I'm glad to get another one till I buy it.
Mont Blanc Legend - I think they should have included another womens perfume sample or didn't include a second at all. I can't see many men ordering this box but I guess women could just pass this onto their boyfriend/husband/brother/friend etc. It does smell good though!

Have you ordered this box? Tried any of the other boxes from Latest In Beauty?


  1. the liz earle muslin cloth looks different to the normal ones, do you know if it is? x

    1. As far as I'm aware it's the same as normal, it looks like all the other ones I have. Maybe because it hasn't been washed and used yet so it's more stiff looking? :) xxx


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