Dr Renaud Carrot Radiance Programme

Todays post is written by my mum who's actually written a couple of reviews for my blog over the years. We did a mother & daughter review of Liz Earle's shampoo and conditioner and she also reviewed a Kosmea serum which she now uses on a daily basis and has been through a couple of bottles. 
Before going away on holiday she gave the carrot radiance programme* a go from Dr Renaud which is a 20 minute skin care treatment to do at home. I really liked the sound of this kit but since it's not recommend for sensitive skin, which I have, I let my mum try it.
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There are three steps to this treatment:
Step 1 : Regenerate with a superficial peeling containing soft fruit AHA - apply on a cotton ball all over the face and neck and leave on for 5 minutes then rinse off.
Step 2 : Energize with a real concentrate of Vitamin C (10%) - twist cap, push down and shake, then apply all over the face and neck, do not wash off.
Step 3 : Intensely illuminate with a radiance mask containing Carrot - apply a layer all over the face and leave on for 10 minutes then rinse off.

Together these will leave your skin feeling and looking more radiant and smoother.
dr renaud carrot radiance programme 2
The packaging looked good - it came in a smart small flat cardboard box showing pictures of the products. A science angle rather than a pamper approach. It had comprehensive instructions. The whole treatment took about 25 minutes but that did include some chat time with my daughter and the reading of the instructions as I had never used them before.

Product 1 – carrot radiance soft peeling. It came in a little glass vial and you had to snap the top off. Slightly nerve wracking and it did leave a jagged bit sticking up. I wasn’t too keen on the smell; it reminded me a bit of nail varnish remover. It felt fine on my skin, cool when it went on and then sort of evaporated off. Not oily or sticky and there was enough product.

Product 2 – vitamin C concentrate. This was intriguing to open as you had to mix two products in one bottle by a twist, tap and shake action. This smelt really nice and was subtly fruity. It was light and smooth to put on and there was lots of it. It was cooling on my skin and dried off fine.

Product 3 – carrot relaxing radiance mask. This smelt good, was easy to put on and there was plenty of it. It was bright orange, my favourite colour! I had clipped my hair back and you wouldn’t want it getting in your hair and drying there. The skin under my nose was slightly prickly with the mask but I think that was because I had been blowing it a bit the day before. I left the mask on for the recommended time and to start cleaning I wiped away the excess with cotton pads, and it all washed off fine, there was no irritation and my skin felt smooth and plump to the touch. I had a bath and then put moisturiser on after that.
I hadn’t done a treatment for a long time and certainly the next day my skin did feel better.
dr renaud carrot radiance programme 1
Have you tried something like this before? Or any other products from Dr Renaud?


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