April 2012 Favourites

april 2012 favourites
A nice little pink theme going on with my favourites this month! I also forgot to add in one of my favourites to the photograph as it was in my bathroom so just imagine it in the photo.

Lynx Attract For Her - I'm really surprised by how much I like this and how much I've actually used it! I bought it without actually smelling it or reading any reviews but it's a lovely scent. As I said in my review the scent reminds me of DKNY's Fresh Blossom perfume which I used to have. I'd really like them to make it permanent!

Soap & Glory Hand Food - This is an old favourite which I started using again after finishing another hand cream this month. I love the scent and it's really moisturising. Definitely a product everyone should try.

L'Occitane Pivoine Delicate Lipstick* - I've pretty much only used this lipstick this month! It's the perfect everyday colour and is really glossy. The packaging is gorgeous too.

Models Own Dusty Mauve - It's quite rare for me to take off my polish and apply the exact same colour but I've done this quite a few times this month with Dusty Mauve. You can see my NOTD here.

L'Occitane Pivoine Perfume - As I was reviewing part of the Pivoine Delicate collection this month it got me wearing the perfume a lot this month. How cute is the bottle?! And the scent is lovely, floral with a hint of musk.

Toner - Not the Liz Earle toner in particular, although I do love it, just toner in general! I've really made an effort this month to fit it into my skin care routine and I think I've used it every day this month. I've been using a mix of Liz Earle and [A'Kin].

L'Occitane Rose Soap* - This is the one I missed out of the photo as it was wet and sitting in my bathroom. So impressed with this soap! It's really moisturising and smells amazing. I've been using Lush's soaps for ages, although I love the scents, the soap themselves aren't very good for the price. Once this one's finished I'll definitely be going into L'Occitane to smell them all and pick up another one.


  1. I can't go anywhere without a tube of hand food. It smells amazing!! BEST HANDCREAM EVER :D



  2. I love Soap & Glory products.. :)

  3. I always revert back to S&G hand food, it can't be beaten :)



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