April 2012 Empties

april 2012 empties
Original Source Pineapple Shower Gel - Sad to see this finished! I only have one more bottle left so hopefully my Asda will still have them or they'll bring it back next summer. You don't see many pineapple shower gels and I absolutely love this one.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser For Dry/Sensitive Skin - Sad to see this one finished as well as it's my favourite formula out of the skin repair range. I've got a tube of the normal version and light version though but once I finish those two I'll be buying the full size of this one. If you haven't tried this yet, you really have to!

Alva Hand Cream* - I really liked using this hand cream and it worked wonders for my dry cuticles. Once I've finished up the masses of hand creams I have at the moment I can see myself buying the full size tube of this.

Rimmel Black Khol Eye Liner - There's still a tiny amount left but when I put it into a sharpener I can't actually turn it so I'm saying this is finished. I used to love this when I first got into make-up and have bought a couple over the years. Since trying other liners like Urban Decay 24/7 or Benefits Bad Gal, this is rubbish!

Living Nature Lip Balm* - This is a really nice lip balm for layering over lipsticks as it's so glossy. It's really thin though which doesn't work so well when my lips are very dry. Don't think I'd buy this one again.

Living Nature Concealer* - This is an ok concealer but I didn't love it. The colour is way too dark for me as I have very pale skin so I wouldn't buy again.


  1. Haha, this post made me laugh as I just dug out our last back-up of the Original Source Golden Pineapple and we're using it up alarmingly fast! I hope they bring it back or it might end up being an eBay jobby ;)


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