31 May 2012

May 2012 Empties

may empties
I've managed to finish quite a few products this month and am glad to be including two nail polishes! I've been trying to wear my mini's more often as they seem to be going gloopy and thick all at the same time.

Imperial Leather Butterfly Lily & Amber Bath Cream - I picked this giant bottle up from Asda when it was only £1 as I remembered Charlotte writing a post on it the other month. I love the scent and it creates a lot of bubbles which last a really long time. I bought the pink bottle at the same time but once I finish that I'm definitely going to be buying another.

Barefoot SOS Dry Scalp Treatment Conditioner* - I liked this conditioner but didn't love it. I prefer to use a deep conditioner every time I wash my hair as it's very dry and this just wasn't thick enough. I wouldn't buy a second bottle.

Mac Brush Cleanser - This is the only brush cleanser I've used so I haven't got anything to compare it to, but I really like it. I mainly use this for spot cleaning and then use a baby shampoo for washing my brushes properly. I really need to buy another bottle.

Gosh Darling Lipstick - This one is a bit of a cheat! When I used it the other day it completely snapped off so I had to put the remaining lipstick in a little pot. There's only a little bit left so I thought I'd include it anyway as I was throwing the packaging away. I find this nude really doesn't suit my skin tone on it's own but I've enjoyed mixing it with brighter colours. I'm not going to buy another one though.

Essie Topless & Barefoot - I really liked the colour but hated the formula so I wont be buying another bottle.
may empties 2
Cutex Nail Polish Remover - I always buy cutex just because it's the only brand my local Asda sells. It's not the best but it's not the worst. I'll be picking up another bottle when I next do the food shop.

Lush Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub - This is one of my favourite body scrubs and I think this is my third tub?! It just works so well but is gentle enough to use on a daily basis. I'm not going to buy another tub straight away as I want to buy a full size of the Nspa scrub I discovered the other month.

Essie Coat Azure Nail Polish - It was quite a task to finish this nail polish as I really didn't like the colour. It was going gloopy though so I've constantly been wearing it on my toes. I wont be buying another bottle.

La Roche Posay Sun Tan Lotion - This mini bottle of sun tan lotion has been perfect the hot weather we had. I hate to buy full size bottles as I read somewhere that you should buy a new one each year as it stops working. I don't sit out in the sun that much as I'm so pale and burn instantly so I never finish a bottle and just find it a waste of money throwing it away. This little tubes lasted me about a week just using it on my face. I'd definitely consider buying a full size tube next time I go on holiday as it isn't greasy and works really well.

E.L.F Minty Lipgloss In Miami - I really didn't like this lipgloss as it's so sticky. I definitely wont be buying another one.
What was the last product you finished?


30 May 2012

May 2012 Favourites

may favourites 02 may favourites 01

Benefit Do Tell Lipstick - Since I depotted some of my lipsticks, I really haven't used the palette so I definitely regretting doing it. Luckily most of them are cheap one's from Natural Collection but there is a couple of Benefit one's in there. I decided to use it more often this month and the one I've used most is Do Tell which is third on the left, bottom row. It's a really nice dark purple pink that suits my pale complexion really well. Although not a particularly summery colour I've still really enjoyed using it.

Models Own Lilac Dream - For some reason I can now get away with only using one coat of this and it looks perfect! This does mean it doesn't last on me very long on it's own but with Orly Polished it'll stay on for a few more days. This now means that I can paint my nails and they'll be dry in 5 mins!

George Indigo Dazzle - This is certainly not a spring or summer colour but I've really been loving it this month. It's a blue- purple duo-chrome and has a really nice bright blue shimmer. It's really hard to take photos of though so I haven't got a NOTD for it yet.

Revlon Minted - Mint is turning into my new favourite colour! I really don't like the formula as it's so watery but it's my favourite mint polish. I've just ordered Mint Candy Apple from the Essie diffusion line so I'm hoping that'll have a nicer formula.

E.L.F Mineral Eyeshadow In Elegant - This is probably one of my favourite shadows! I don't normally like loose pigments but this goes on like a dream and is such a nice colour. I just wear this all over the lid and some mascara and I'm done.

Topshop Coy Lipstick - This lipstick is a bit on the drying side but a bit of lip balm sorts that out. It's such a lovely summer colour! I also really like lipsticks that are in pencil form, I find them so easy to apply and you haven't got to worry about the bullet melting in the sun.

What are your favourites this month?


29 May 2012

Lanolips 101 Ointment

I'm a big fan of lip balms and already have way too many but I couldn't resist adding another one to my collection. This one being the 101 ointment from Lanolips. My justification was that I can use this as a multi use product!
lanolips 101 ointment
The lanolips 101 ointment is 100% pure medical grade lanolin so is 100% natural so no nasty ingredients in this. I've mainly been using this as a lip balm which it's been working wonders as but I've also been using it on any other dry patches of skin. Especially on my cuticles as they've been horribly dry recently.

I bought mine from Boots for £11.22, not sure where else you can buy it from though and if you can get it any cheaper. It definitely seems expensive but if you're using is as a lip balm, you only need the tiniest amount so this 15g tube is going to last a long time.

I'm really tempted by the other versions of this, have you tried them?


28 May 2012

Essie Coat Azure - NOTD

essie coat azure notd nail polish Essie's Coat Azure is a mid tone blue which a really subtle shimmer. This only needs two coats to become opaque and is really glossy. My mini bottle has gone slightly gloopy so it does tend to bubble now which is a shame.


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26 May 2012

Dr Renaud Carrot Radiance Programme

Todays post is written by my mum who's actually written a couple of reviews for my blog over the years. We did a mother & daughter review of Liz Earle's shampoo and conditioner and she also reviewed a Kosmea serum which she now uses on a daily basis and has been through a couple of bottles. 
Before going away on holiday she gave the carrot radiance programme* a go from Dr Renaud which is a 20 minute skin care treatment to do at home. I really liked the sound of this kit but since it's not recommend for sensitive skin, which I have, I let my mum try it.
dr renaud carrot radiance programme 4 dr renaud carrot radiance programme 3
There are three steps to this treatment:
Step 1 : Regenerate with a superficial peeling containing soft fruit AHA - apply on a cotton ball all over the face and neck and leave on for 5 minutes then rinse off.
Step 2 : Energize with a real concentrate of Vitamin C (10%) - twist cap, push down and shake, then apply all over the face and neck, do not wash off.
Step 3 : Intensely illuminate with a radiance mask containing Carrot - apply a layer all over the face and leave on for 10 minutes then rinse off.

Together these will leave your skin feeling and looking more radiant and smoother.
dr renaud carrot radiance programme 2
The packaging looked good - it came in a smart small flat cardboard box showing pictures of the products. A science angle rather than a pamper approach. It had comprehensive instructions. The whole treatment took about 25 minutes but that did include some chat time with my daughter and the reading of the instructions as I had never used them before.

Product 1 – carrot radiance soft peeling. It came in a little glass vial and you had to snap the top off. Slightly nerve wracking and it did leave a jagged bit sticking up. I wasn’t too keen on the smell; it reminded me a bit of nail varnish remover. It felt fine on my skin, cool when it went on and then sort of evaporated off. Not oily or sticky and there was enough product.

Product 2 – vitamin C concentrate. This was intriguing to open as you had to mix two products in one bottle by a twist, tap and shake action. This smelt really nice and was subtly fruity. It was light and smooth to put on and there was lots of it. It was cooling on my skin and dried off fine.

Product 3 – carrot relaxing radiance mask. This smelt good, was easy to put on and there was plenty of it. It was bright orange, my favourite colour! I had clipped my hair back and you wouldn’t want it getting in your hair and drying there. The skin under my nose was slightly prickly with the mask but I think that was because I had been blowing it a bit the day before. I left the mask on for the recommended time and to start cleaning I wiped away the excess with cotton pads, and it all washed off fine, there was no irritation and my skin felt smooth and plump to the touch. I had a bath and then put moisturiser on after that.
I hadn’t done a treatment for a long time and certainly the next day my skin did feel better.
dr renaud carrot radiance programme 1
Have you tried something like this before? Or any other products from Dr Renaud?


25 May 2012

Essie Mint Candy Apple - NOTD

essie mint candy apple nail polish notd essie mint candy apple revlon minted comparison I bought Mint Candy Apple as I was hoping it would be a better version of Revlon's Minted which has a really thin and watery formula. I'm also loving mint at the moment and can't get enough of it.

This is from the new Essie diffusion line that is now available in Boots and Superdrug. The bottles are slightly smaller, have a new wide flat brush and a better formula. They also cost £7.99 which I think is a pretty good price.

Now onto the polish its self. In the bottle it looks like a really nice mint colour but once on the nails it looks a lot more blue. I think this is probably just my skin tone but I wish it wouldn't as I really like the formula. It only needed two coats, the first was a bit streaky but then the second evened everything out. It also dried very quickly which really impressed me. From what I've heard this has a much better formula than the original MCA.

Sadly it doesn't compare colour wise to Revlond's Minted. You can see in the comparison photo the difference between the two. Minted is a true mint colour!

As I've already mentioned, these new Essie polishes have a much wider brush which I really don't like. I have very small nails and I just find it hard to use. If it was slightly smaller then it would have been perfect. I do like that it's flat though.


Gwdihw Cherry Lip Balm

gwdihw cherry lip balm 2
Another great product from Gwdihw which has such cute packaging. This cherry lip balm* smells AH-mazing! It literally smells like a cherry bakewell and like you should eat it. Although I wouldn't recommend doing so.
gwdihw cherry lip balm 1
Like the nail balm I reviewed the other month, this lip balm is full of great ingredients that moisturise the skin as well as leaving it looking nice and glossy. My lips have been feeling really chapped for the past few weeks for some reason and this has been working really well to keep them feeling smooth and soft. It's also a great base for lipsticks.

This tin of goodness is such a bargain as well. It costs £4.49 for 25g whereas normal lip balms are half the size but the same price. A little bit goes a long way so it'll last a long time too.


24 May 2012

Glossybox: May 2012 Edition - One Year Anniversary

glossybox may 2012 14 glossybox may 2012 13
This months Glossybox* is pretty special as it's their one year anniversary! I can't believe how quickly it's gone and I can remember how excited I was when my first box came in the post. A year later and I still really like the idea of beauty boxes and am not sick of them yet!

Before I get onto the samples I received in this months box, how cute is the packaging?! This is my favourite so far and just love the illustrations of beauty products and birthday cake. I can just see this working so well as the background for a blog!
glossybox may 2012 12 glossybox may 2012 11 glossybox may 2012 10 glossybox may 2012 9 glossybox may 2012 8 glossybox may 2012 1 glossybox may 2012 7 glossybox may 2012 6 glossybox may 2012 5
Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel - This has quite a masculine scent which I really like. It has extracts of toning elderflower and antioxidant-charged gooseberry with clean notes of orange blossom, moss and cut grass. Think I'm going to give this a try tonight, it's a nice size too. The full size, 250ml is £20.

Lolita Lempicka L'ea en Blanc & Lolita Lempicka Perfumes - I just love Lolita Lempicka perfume bottles and have been pretty tempted to buy one purely for display! In particular her original scent which is the blue one. L'ea en Blanc is a mix of white violet, raspberry and musk which I'm not really a fan of. But the original I really like which is floral with a hint of licorice flower. Both cost £65 for 100ml.

Murad Clarifying Mask - I've never tried any murad products before so excited to give this a go. I don't have oily skin but will be using this on my t-zone which is where I mainly get spots. Again, this is another great size as it's 30g and the full size costs £35 for 75g.

Uniqone All In One Hair Treatment - I love using hair treatments as my ends are horribly dry so I'll be giving this a go tonight as well. It's a leave in treatment which you can use on either wet or dry hair. It's a cream product in a spray bottle so not too sure how that's going to work!  The full size, 150ml, costs £13.99.

Eledora False Eyelashes - I saw a photo on twitter of someone else false eyelashes they got in their box and was a bit worried as they were covered in glitter. Luckily the ones I have a pretty natural looking! Although I'm usually not one for wearing false eyelashes I'm excited to see how these look. Eledora lashes cost £3.90.

How cute is the little compact mirror that's included! It's perfect timing as my one broke the other week and the mirror keeps falling out of the plastic. Also love the balloon too!
glossybox may 2012 4 glossybox may 2012 3 glossybox may 2012 2
I wasn't blown away with this months box considering it's their one year anniversary but I think that's just because I'm not a huge fake eye lash wearer and would have preferred a proper make-up product like in the first box. You probably can't get much better than Nars orgasm illuminator though.  Ignoring that though, I really like everything else in the box!

Did you get this months box? What did you get in it?

23 May 2012

Kindle Case

Despite having my kindle for well over a year, I've only just bought a case for it! When I take it out with me I always just put it in my bag without any protection and I have no idea how it isn't scratched already.

I thought it was about time I got a case for it and after a bit of Ebay searching I found this light pink case for £3.99 with free shipping. It came really quickly, I ordered late on Friday and it came the following Wednesday. That was with the bank holiday Monday as well, it probably would have arrived the day before.

They have different cases for difference Kindle versions and a lot of different colours to choose from. I went with the pink as I thought it would go well with the grey Kindle. I have the 3 3G version which has the keyboard and it fits perfectly.


22 May 2012

Current Wishlist 001

I haven't done a wish list post for what feels like ages but these are some of the things that I've been lemming over. I'm going to London next month so I'm hoping to buy a couple of these and may have to put in a little feel unique order for the rest.
I've wanted Topshop's beguiled lipstick since Christmas but whenever I go into my local Topshop it's always sold out. I've really started to like these dark vampy colours as they really suit my pale complexion and hair colour. Recently I've been wearing Benefits Do Tell a lot while I'm waiting to get this one.

The one product I'm most excited to try out of Liz Earle's make-up range is their cream blushes! In particular Camellia and nude. I really want to swatch them first before buying so think I'm going to visit their store in London as I've never been to one before.

There was a sample of Caudalie's Vinosource S.O.S Serum in last months Glossybox which I've absolutely fallen in love with! This is actually the first serum I've tried and it's been working really well on my skin as I have really dry skin. Once I've ran out of the sample I'll be ordering the full size.

After reading Anna's raves about L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil I decided I just have to try it. I can just imagine how good this smells and all the good it'll do to my skin.

Another product from Caudalie, their Beauty Elixir, which is making it's way round the beauty blogging world. I've really been into toners at the moment and this one sounds like it's really good for the skin.

A few months ago I got a sample of Burberry's Body perfume and I fell in love with it immediately. I still want to use up a couple more perfumes before buying the full size though.

Nuxe's Lip Balm is another product that's making it's way round the blogs at the moment. I'm really intrigued how this feels on the lips as everyone's been saying it has a matte texture. I'm a huge lip balm fan and can never have too many ...

What products are on your wishlist? Do you own any on mine?
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